Account setup (Starter)

An overview of the steps to help set up an account


Welcome at Shiftbase! Great that you have started an account.
Now the question is, where do I start?

In this article you will find the basics for setting up your account.


Step 1: Adding locations and departments

Step 2: Adding teams and shifts

Step 3: Timesheet settings

Step 4: Checking contract types

Step 5: Reviewing permissions

Step 6: Adding employees

Step 1: Adding locations and departments

Depending on the size and structure of the company, branches and departments can be created. An overview of the structure can be found here. It is managed from: Settings > Locations.

⚠️ Note: You can only have 5 active departments in the Starter version. There are no limitations in the Premium version.

Step 2: Adding teams and shifts

Once the departments have been created, you can divide them into teams. This gives you more clarity in the schedule.

By default, the first team in each department is already created. These are automatically named after the department. Of course this can be changed. This is managed from: Schedule > Shifts/Teams.
How to create teams can be found here.

You can also create the standard shifts as mentioned above. For example, the various fixed shifts that can take place.

You do not need these shifts only for the schedule. You will also need these shifts should you use a clocking system.

We already provide the standard "Day shift". This is also managed from: Schedule > Shifts/Teams. The creation of shifts can be found here.

Step 3: Timesheet settings

Now you can create the schedules and register the worked hours.
The timesheet settings can be adjusted based on your preferences as a user.

At the timesheet settings you will find the following settings:

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Step 4: Checking contract types

By default there are 2 contract types.

  • Zero hours
  • Fixed hours

These contract types determine the accrual and taking of leave. You can also determine whether the plus-minus hours are calculated or to add a surcharge card to the contract type.
These settings can be found at: Settings > Employees > Contract types.

Click here for more information about editing contract types.

⚠️ Note: It is not possible to add more contract types in the Starter version. There are no limitations with the Premium version.

Step 5: Reviewing permissions

The default user permission group is Employee. There are 4 user permission groups to choose from by default. The user permission groups can be found at: Settings > Permissions.

  • Employee
  • Planner
  • Manager
  • Admin

The permissions are pre-defined, for instance, the person responsible for the planning could receive the Planner permissions. Because of this it is not necessary to set up the permissions, but it could do no harm to check the various permissions and possibly edit them.

For more information regarding the permissions click here.

For more information regarding the user permission groups click here.

Step 6: Adding employees

Employees can be added via the Employees tab or the Schedule tab.

By clicking on the + Add employee you can add a new employee.

⚠️ Note: When you add an employee it is mandatory to fill-in First and Last name. You should also add the e-mail address if the employee needs to access their Shiftbase account.

If an employee has fixed hours, the contract type Fixed hours should be selected and the fixed hours per day can be added at Contract hours per day.
For more information about adding and editing employees click here.

You could also add the employees in a bulk action via a CSV import. For more information about importing employees via a CSV file click here.