Managing Contract types

In this article you can find out how to manage contract types in Shiftbase.

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Every employee in Shiftbase has a contract associated with a contract type, which is a set of rules associated with a contract. An employee can only be associated with one contract.


Contract type Overview

Adding Contract types

Editing Contract types

Contract types Overview

The overview of all contracts can be found in Settings > Employee > Contract types. In this overview, you can see all closed contracts and the employees' current active contracts.

Adding Contract types

If you want to add a new contract type, click the + Contract types button in the top right corner to open a new contract.

Editing Contract types

Changing a contract type is done by clicking on the Pencil icon behind a contract type.

Now you have the following fields to change:

The name of the contract type.

Salary: This is used for payroll and indicates whether the employee is paid based on worked or contract hours.

Rate card: The rate card that applies to the contract type. The default surcharge card is 100% unless set otherwise. The set surcharge card applies to the hourly record.

Plus-minus calculation: By turning on the plus-minus calculation, the plus and minus hours are calculated for all employees with the contract type.

Absence policy: Select the absence policy that should be linked here. Employees receive the corresponding absences and balances.

Overtime policy: You can set an overtime surcharge when overtime should be processed over the number of hours an employee works on a day or week basis.