Importing employees

Importing employees via CSV


🖥 Open in Shiftbase

It is possible to add all your employees to Shiftbase at once through an import. You can do this with a CSV file. You can also choose to add employees manually.


Go to the Employees tab and click on the arrow next to the + Add employee button at the top right, then click on CSV user import.

From this screen you can download a sample CSV file. The first line of this file contains the field names that can be specified. The second line shows an example of a user as it can be recorded. Fill in the data as completely as possible to best capture the employees.

This email address allows the employee to log into Shiftbase

First name: First name of the employee

Last name: Last name of the employee

Contract: Contract type, by default only Zero hours and Fixed hours. Click here to go to Shiftbase and see what types are available.

Team: The default team of the employee

Date employed: Date the employee started working

Phone: Employee's phone number

Mobile: Employee's cell phone number

Emergency number: Employee's emergency number

Street: Street of the employee

City: City of the employee

Postal code: Postal code of the employee

Date of birth: Employee's date of birth

Place of birth: Place of birth of the employee

Nationality: Nationality of the employee

Passport number: Passport number of the employee

Scheduling Note: Scheduling note for the employee

CSN: Citizen service number of the employee

Bank account number: IBAN of the employee

Employee number: Employee number of the employee

Function: Position of the employee

Start date: The date that Shiftbase will be used

End Date: End date of the contract, empty if there is no end date

Salary: The gross hourly wage of the employee. This is not used for payroll, but for calculations like budgeting and salary indications.

Description: Description in the contract of the employee

Contract hours on Monday: Number of fixed contract hours on Monday

Contract hours on Tuesday: Number of fixed contract hours on Tuesday

Contract hours on Wednesday: Number of fixed contract hours on Wednesday

Contract hours on Thursday: Number of fixed contract hours on Thursday

Contract hours on Friday: Number of fixed contract hours on Friday

Contract hours on Saturday: Number of fixed contract hours on Saturday

Contract hours on Sunday: Number of fixed contract hours on Sunday

⚠️ Note: Fields with a ✱ are the minimum required fields for a successful CSV import.