Rate cards

Create and adjust rate cards


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By using rate cards in Shiftbase, an irregularity allowance can be set. You can then add these rate cards to a contract type and use them in the timesheet.

💡 Tip: You can also deviate from the rate card on contract level, by setting a rate card per shift type. This will overwrite the rate card set in the contract type.

⚠️ Note: To use rate cards, surcharges must be added first. It is advised to do this beforehand.

Rate Cards-Overview

Creating Rate Cards

Click the green button + Add rate card to create a new rate card. On this screen, you can give the card a name and set the surcharge times. This can be done for each day of the week and national holidays.

👀 Example: There is a 150% shopping night allowance on Thursday starting at 18:00. In this case, 150% is paid out and the plus and minus hours are calculated at 100%. The created rate card can be linked to a contract type per employee. The supplement is then active on all linked contracts and when an employee is scheduled on this Thursday, the supplement is automatically calculated.