Rate cards

Create and adjust rate cards


🖥 Go to Shiftbase

In Shiftbase it is possible to use rate cards. By using rate cards, an irregularity allowance can be set. You can then add these rate cards to a contract type and use them in the timesheet.

💡 Tip: You can deviate from the rate card on contract level, by setting a rate card on a shift type. This will overwrite the rate card set in the contract type.

⚠️ Note: To use rate cards, surcharges must be added first. It is advised to do this beforehand.

Adding Surcharges

To add surcharges, you go to Settings. On the left, you can click on Employees > Surcharges.  After this, you click on + Add surcharge to add the surcharges. 

⚠️ Note: It is important that you always enter the allowance added to the 100% hourly wage. 
For example, if you have an allowance of 50% extra, you should enter 150%. 


Adding surcharges to the rate card

Once you have inserted the surcharges, you can now add these to the rate card. On the bottom of the page, you find the Rate cards. 
There is always a standard rate card that is linked to the fixed hours and flex hours contract type. You can modify this rate card if the allowance applies to everyone. 
To change the rate card, click on the pencil icon. 


💡 Tip: If the standard rate card does not apply to everyone, you can create a new rate card. 

Creating Rate Cards

Click the blue button + Add rate card to create a new rate card. In this screen, you can give the card a name and set the intervals of the surcharges. This can be done for each day of the week, and for national holidays.