Managing locations & departments

Each department has its own employees and settings


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By default, Shiftbase has one location containing one department. If there are many employees in your account, we recommend using multiple departments. This way you can keep a better overview.

The advantage of using additional departments is that each department has its own employees and settings. This makes the schedule and the timesheets a lot clearer as not all employees are shown in one overview.

💡 Tip: Advice on how to best organize the departments in your account for your company can be found here.


Adding Locations & Departments

Editing Locations & Departments

Deleting Locations & Departments

Switching Between Locations & Departments

Adding Locations & Departments

Adding a location can be done via Settings > Organization. This will give you an overview of all locations and departments in Shiftbase. To add a new department you can click on the blue button + Add department.

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If you want to add a new location or team you can click on the arrow next to + Add department

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💡 Tip: If you add the address to your department this will allow you to use our weather forecast.

Editing Locations & Departments

By clicking on the pencil icon behind the name of a location, department or team, a location, department or team can be changed. For example, you can change the names for all the options, or add the address (for a weather forecast) with a department. When editing a team, you can also change its color. 

Deleting Locations & Departments

Clicking on the trash can behind the name of a location or department will deactivate the location or department. When a location is deactivated, all of the departments below it are immediately deactivated as well.

For a deactivated department, the leave, absence and hours worked are saved for the period that the department was active. This way they can still be retrieved and exported.

⚠️ Note: If you close the desired department, there must not be any active employees with this department as their contract department.

In the report Employees, use the filter Contract department to search for employees in that contract department. Go to Contracts to change the contract department of these employees.

⚠️ Note: If a department is deactivated while you are using clock in without schedule, make sure you have selected a new clock department. Then the time entries will be written to the correct department.

Switching Between Locations & Departments

After creating a location or department, you can switch between the different departments in the top right corner, or check all departments so that all are shown in order.

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