Scheduling shifts

Scheduling your shifts quick and easy


🖥 Open in Shiftbase

In Shiftbase you can create a work schedule for each department. Such a department can be split up into different teams so that you always have a clear overview. For each department you can create shift types that can be scheduled for all teams within a department.

Scheduling shifts

There are three methods for scheduling a shift. In this article we will discuss these ways. 😄

  • Method 1: In the Schedule tab, click the green button + Add shift in the top right corner. A form will appear that allows you to schedule a shift.

  • Method 2: In the Schedule tab, you can click + in the schedule for a day to add a new shift. A form will appear with which you can schedule a shift.

  • Method 3: In the Schedule tab, click on the Shifts/Teams button at the top left. You can drag these into the schedule. Do you want to change this shift? Click on the Pencil icon in the scheduled shift. A form will appear where you can make changes.

  • Date: The date on which the shift should take place.

  • Team: The team to which the shift should be assigned.

  • Shift: The desired type of shift.

  • Employee: The employees who should be scheduled for this shift.

  • Start time & End time: The working hours for the shift.

  • Hide end time for employees: If you check this box then employees will not be able to see the end time of their shift, this can be useful if employees have to work until the end of the shift.

  • Break: Duration of break in minutes.

  • Description: A description of the shift.

  • Repeat this shift: Check this if you want the shift to be repeated periodically. You can enter the frequency, end date and days of the repetition here.

  • Send notification: Check this if you want the selected employees to receive a notification of the shift.