Public holidays

In this article you can find out how to import and add public holidays in Shiftbase.

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In Shiftbase, it is possible to import and add public holidays. You also have the option to manually add other holidays. Furthermore, you can also link surcharges to these holidays through a rate card.


Adding Public Holidays

Where are Public holidays displayed?

Adding Public Holidays

To add the Public holidays, go to the Settings and click on Employees>Public holidays. 

Click on the box with the name +Add group

Here you can give the group a name and choose the department it should be tied to. After saving, click on the pencil icon.

By clicking +Import holiday, you can select the country and region you'd like to import public holidays for.

Now click on Next, check the holidays once more and then press Import.

Should you still be missing certain holidays, you can still manually add them via the button +Add holiday.


Caution: If your employees are not working during a public holiday and need their hours not to drop into a minus, the holidays can be added for employees via a bulk action.

Where are Public holidays displayed?

After you've added the Public holidays you can find them in the Register Schedule on the top. Make sure you have set the Filter Show events

Now the Holidays are displayed on the top of your Schedule in the Events row