Plus minus Hours

In this article you can find out how to gain insight to your Plus minus hours in Shiftbase.

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Working hours may vary from time to time. For employees with fixed hours, this means that so-called Plus minus hours must be recorded. If more hours are worked than are stated in the contract, then we speak of Plus hours. If less hours are worked than the contracted hours, then we speak of minus hours. The Plus minus hours in Shiftbase are calculated automatically.


Contract type

Setting up the contract

Plus- and minus hours overview

Plus- and minus hours reports

Contract type

🖥 Open in Shiftbase

For each contract type you can indicate whether plus/minus hours should be tracked. Read here how to set up Plus minus hours in the contract.

Setting up the contract

The Plus minus hours of employees are determined by the number of contract hours. Read here how to set up these contract hours.

Plus minus hours overview

To see an overview of the Plus minus hours per employee go to the tab Employees. Here you click on the name of the employee of which you want to see the hours. Then click on the tab Plus minus

  • Start balance: Number of Plus minus hours at the beginning of the selected year.

  • Plus minus period: Plus minus hours for the selected year.

  • Plus minus last week: Plus minus hours at the beginning of the current week.

In the overview you can see the plus and minus hours per week. To get a more detailed view of this, click on the Arrow on the left, then you can view the Plus minus hours per Day.


💡 Tip: Are the Plus and minus hours of an employee incorrect? Then make a correction. You will also see this in the overview.

Plus and minus hours report

You can view the Plus minus hours via this report. This way you can see the hours per team, department or branch. Using the Filters, you can specify per day, week or total how the hours should be grouped.