Managing time off balances

In this article you can find out how to add and edit different time off balances.

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You can add additional time off balances in addition to the standard time off balance. New balances are assigned to all employees, but are determined by the absence policy. You can then link an absence type to a time off balance to record hours.


Add time off balance

In Shiftbase, by default, there is always one time off balance. You can easily add extra time off balances yourself. To find them, click on Settings>Absence>scroll to "Balances"

Here you can click on the +Add balance button.

Additional time off balances are immediately visible to all employees, as long as the balances are selected in the absence types in the corresponding absence policy. 

  • Name: State the name of the balance
  • This balance is set in: Here you can select Hours or Days in which your balance will be set.
  • Default accrual: You can enter the number of Time off days as a calculation option based on a full-time employment.
  • Apply default accrual to all contracts: When you're checking this option the default accrual will be configured in all contracts. Otherwise you will have to configure it manually.

Editing time off balances

You can change a time off balance by clicking on the Pencil icon next to it.

⚠️ Warning: If you change this value, it will only be included in the contract for new employees. For existing employees, you must manually change this in their contract.