Report: Schedule totals

Insight into schedule totals

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This report gives you insight into all the data of the schedule within Shiftbase for a certain desired period.

Filters within the report

  • Period: The period from which you want to retrieve the data.

  • Team: The team (or teams) whose data you want to query.

  • Shift: The shift(s) from which you want to retrieve the data.

  • Employee: The specific employee whose data you want to query.

  • Columns: The columns you want to see in the report. By default these are all selected, clicking on the field will bring up two fields called Excluded and Selected. The columns in the left field are not included in the report, the columns in the right field are.


  • User id: The id of the employee determined by Shiftbase.

  • Employee number: The employee's employee number.

  • Name: The name of the employee.

⚠️ Note: If the employee's name appears multiple times, then the employee has also registered hours under other department(s).

  • Days: The number of contract days of the employee within the selected period.

  • Shifts: The number of shifts on which the employee is scheduled.

  • Hours: The number of hours on which the employee is scheduled.

  • Wage: The wage cost for the employee, based on the hours worked. This is based on the given hourly wage of the employee.

  • Coc: An estimate of the cost to the business, based on the employee's hours worked.

  • Surcharge hours (paid): The number of hours the employee has been paid extra by means of a supplement.

👀 Example: Employee worked 2 hours on Saturday with a surcharge card 200%, then the surcharge hours (paid) are 2 hours.

  • Total inc. surcharge: The total number of hours scheduled including supplemental hours.

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