Report: Permission Groups

In this article you can find out what the report Permission Groups contains.

Premium Plan

With this report, you have insight into the permissions and departments of all of your employees.

Filters within the report

  • Period: The period from which you want to retrieve the data.

  • Team: The team (or teams) whose data you want to query.

  • Employee: The specific employee whose data you want to query.

  • Department: The Departments you'd like to run this report for.
  • Contract department: The contract department(s) whose data you want to query.
  • Contract type: The contract type whose data you want to retrieve.
  • Columns: The columns you want to see in the report. By default, these are all selected. Clicking on the checkbox in front of the column will uncheck them from the report and not be shown.


  • User ID: The ID of the employee determined by Shiftbase or the payroll integration.

  • Employee nr: The employee's number.

  • First name: The first name of the employee.
  • Prefix: The Prefix of the employee.
  • Last name: The last name of the employee
  • Location: The location the employee is active in.
  • Department: The department the employee is active in.
  • Group: The Permission Group the employee has.