Report: Employees absent

Employees absent report

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All Absence types of employees in a clear overview.


  • Period - The period in which you want to retrieve the data.

  • Team - The team (or several teams) you want to filter on.

  • Employee - Here you can select one employee specifically to filter on.

  • Contract departments - The contract department (or departments) you want to filter on.

⚠️Note: This is not the same as Team, employees can appear in multiple teams in different departments. Employees always have only one contract department.

  • Contract type - The contract type you want to filter on (by default these options are fixed hours or zero hours).

  • Absentee option - Here you can select one absentee option specifically to filter on.

  • Status - The status of the request that you can filter on.

  • Columns - Here you can select the columns you want to see in your report. By default, these are all selected, by clicking on the filter you will see two columns Excluded and Selected. What is in the left-hand column (Excluded) will not be included in your report. What is in the right-hand column (Selected) will be included in your report.


  • ID - Assigned ID from the system to the employee.

  • Employee nr - Employee No.

  • Name - Employee name.

  • Type - The type of registered absence.

  • Startdate - Startdate of absence.

  • Enddate - Enddate of absence.

  • Start time - The start time of absence.

  • End time - The end time of absence.

  • Daypart - The number of days of requested absence.

  • Days - The number of absence days.

  • Wait hours - The wait hours for an employee's account during sickness. Waiting hours calculation is defined in the employee's contract. Here you can choose to deduct working hours or vacation hours.

  • Hours - Total hours of all absences.

  • Total - Total hours of all absences excluding the wait hours.

  • Surcharge - Which surcharge applies for the absence.

  • Salary - Salary.

  • Coc - Indication of employee costs, taking in account the cost of company.

  • Status - Status of the requested absence. Approved / Declined / Pending.

  • Contract Type - Type of contract applicable.

  • Department - Under which department the absence fell.

  • Created - Date of requested absence.

  • Created by - Who applied for the absence.

  • Updated - Date of last mutation.

  • Modified by - Who made the last mutation.

  • Reviewed - Date of approval.

  • Reviewed by - By whom the request was approved.

  • Note - Note if added in the absence request.