Manage account information

How to manage account information

🖥 Open in Shiftbase

The account information can be managed from the settings.

Company name:
The company name shown in the account.
Email: The contact email address.
Phone nr.: Your phone number.
Sort employees by: The order in which employees are shown.

Name display: The way the names of employees are displayed.

Language: The language in which the system is set by default.

Timezone: The time zone in which the account falls.

Currency: The currency that applies to the account.

Cost of company: It is possible to set the Cost of Company. This is the percentage of personnel costs that must be added to the hourly wages. Think for example of company clothing and drinks, these are also called employer costs.

Account owner

Account owner:
This is where you can set the account manager and also account owner. This person is outside of the permission groups and has access to all areas within Shiftbase.

Multi-Factor Authentication

It is possible to force the use of Multi-Factor Authentication for all users. To do this, click the green button Force Multi-Factor Authentication for all users. After you have enabled this, all users will be asked to set Multi-Factor Authentication after logging in. Accounts will not be accessible until activation is successfully completed.

⚠️ Note: Forcing Multi-Factor Authentication is only possible if it is activated for your own account, click here to set it up. More information about MFA can be found here.