I lost my MFA code, now what?

I lost my MFA code, now what?

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For employees

If you find out when logging in that you no longer have access to your personal MFA code, that is of course very inconvenient! In this case you can also log in by using the backup procedure.

To start this backup procedure click on the link Use backup code/email from within the MFA page when logging in. Do you not have a backup code or email, or have you lost it? Then contact your supervisor.

For manager

If an employee does not have access to the backup code and has not set up a backup email either, then as an administrator you can (temporarily) disable the MFA for this employee.

Once you have done this, go to the Employees tab in the top bar. Here you click on the employee whose MFA should be turned off. In the Overview you will also see a gray bar under Personal Data. The red button with the text Disable MFA is the one you need. click on it.

⚠️ Warning: This can only be done if the MFA is not forced for all employees. To disable this go to Settings and click on General. Here you can (temporarily) disable and enable forcing MFA for all users.

As an administrator, do you no longer have access to the MFA code of the account? Then contact us by phone or reach us by mail or chat.

If you no longer have access to your account as an administrator, you will be asked for the following:

  • A copy of the extract from the Chamber of Commerce.
  • A copy of your identification with a selfie to clearly guarantee your identity.

Secure copy of proof of identity

If a copy of an identity document is required, help prevent misuse of your identity data. For example, you should cover or cross out your social security number. This is how to make a safe copy of your identity document:

  • Make sure that your personal social security number is illegible on the copy, also in the number line at the bottom.

  • Write on the copy that it is a copy.

  • Write on the copy for which authority or which product the copy is intended.

  • Write on the copy the date on which you hand in the copy.