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I can't find my employee?!

In this article you can find out what to do, if you can't find your employee.

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If you're looking for an employee or receive an error, that the employee you're trying to add already exists, they might have been deactivated. In the Employees menu, click on the Filter at the top right and enable the option Old Employees.

To reactivate the employee, click on the three dots next to the deactivated employee and select Activate user.

Another option might be, that your employee is hiding in one of the archived teams or locations you once used. You can easily check that by navigating to the Settings and clicking on Organization. If you click on Show inactive items, you can see all deactivated locations and can reactivate them. The employees that were active in these locations will now be shown in the Employee list again.

💡Tip: If you can still not find your employee and need help, you can always reach out to us under info@shiftbase.com