Calendar synchronisation

Synchronize your scheduled shifts with your personal calendar



Calendar synchronisation

Examples of online calendars

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Calendar synchronisation

It is possible to have the schedule in Shiftbase automatically synchronized with your personal calendar. This will make all the data from the schedule visible in the calendar.

Administrators can synchronize the schedule with their calendar from within Shiftbase. To do this, go to the Schedule tab and click the Arrow in the top right corner of the green Add shift button. Then click on Calendar synchronization.

Employees can also synchronize their schedule by going to the My Schedule tab through the Dashboard, below the schedule is a black Calendar Sync button visible.

Both ways will bring up the screen below.

Clicking on Add new schedule will take you to the next screen.

Enter the name of the new calendar here, and select what you want to synchronize. You have the choice of:

  • Schedule
    - Scope: Here you can choose all schedules or just your own.
    - Departments: Which departments should be visible.

  • Calendar
    - Departments: Which departments should be visible.

  • Absence
    - Scope: Here you can choose all absences or only your own.
    - Departments: Which departments should become visible.
    - Type: Which absence types should be visible.
    - Status: Which absence statuses should be visible.

Click Save to generate the unique link of the schedule.

⚠️ Note: The file name must end in '.ics' for different calendars. For this reason, the link can also be converted to a .ics calendar link. You do this by adding '.ics' after the link.

How to add this link varies from calendar to calendar. The calendar synchronization retrieves the schedule from Shiftbase 10 weeks ahead and 4 weeks back.

Examples of online calendars

Below are some examples of the most common online calendars.
By clicking on the name you will be directed to a help article for that programme.

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