Record working hours manually

Manually record employee hours worked

🖥 Open in Shiftbase

To record hours worked manually go to the Timesheet tab. By default you will see an overview of all scheduled shifts with the status Undecided. Undecided hours can be recognized by the three gray dots on the right. You can change this status to approved or rejected by clicking the dots.

New hours worked can be added in two ways.

  • Method 1: In the Timesheet tab, click on the green button + Add hours worked in the top right corner. A form will appear where you can fill in the details.

  • Method 2: In the Timesheet tab you can click on the plus button behind the name of an employee. A form will appear in which you can fill in the details.

  • Date: The date on which the shift took place.

  • Employee: The employees for whom the hours are to be recorded.

  • Department: The department in which the shift took place.

  • Team: The team in which the shift took place.

  • Shift: The desired type of shift.

  • Start time & End time: The working hours for the shift.

  • Break: Duration of break in minutes.

  • Note: Any description of the service.

⚠️ Note: By default, the scheduled shifts are copied from the work schedule per day to the timesheet. Do you not want this? Then you can adjust this in the timesheet settings.