My schedule

Specify availability and view the schedule

🖥 Open in Shiftbase

Within the dashboard you will find the My Schedule tab. Here all your personal shifts are shown. Depending on your permissions as an employee, you can easily submit your availability here, schedule shifts, and synchronize your personal calendar with the schedule.

Specify availability

Go to the tab My schedule. Here you will see an overview of all your scheduled shifts. On the right hand side under the heading Availability you will see a green tick per week. By clicking this you can indicate your availability.

⚠️ Note: Do you see a red icon instead of a green one? Then it is unfortunately not possible to pass on your availability for that week.

Once you have clicked a checkmark you will be taken to the screen below.

  • Period: The period for which the availability should be specified.

  • Copy from previous week: Copy the availability of the previous week compared to today.

  • Options by day:
    - Available all day
    - Available from
    - Unavailable all day
    - Unavailable from

⚠️ Note: Unavailability indicates a preference to not work. Do you want to make sure you are not scheduled? Then request absence.

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