How can I add absence?

In this article you can find out how to add absence in Shiftbase.

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As an employee, you have multiple ways to add an absence in Shiftbase. The different absence types displayed usually depend on your permissions in Shiftbase.


Over the Mobile app

Over the desktop

Over the Mobile app

As an employee the easiest way to add an absence on your Mobile app is going to Absence

My absence>press the +

Over the desktop

If you're using Shiftbase on your desktop, you have two methods to add availabilty as an employee.


Method 1:

You can navigate to your personal Absence on the left of your screen.

You can then click on the button called +Add absence.

Method 2:

If you click on the Schedule Tab on the top of your page.

You have a button called +Availability, next to it is a white arrow that you can click and select Absence

Method 3:

Another option to add an absence for yo would be, if you go to the tab Timesheet>click the white arrow in top right where it says +Add worked hours>Absence