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Insight and application of absences

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By going to the My Absence tab in the dashboard, you will have insight into all the issues surrounding your absence as an employee. For example, you can see what your current leave balance is, request absences and view the status of old requests.

Requesting an absence

You can easily request a new absence by clicking the green button + Add Absence in the My Absence tab.

Once you have clicked on this you will be taken to the screen below.

  • Type: If you have the proper permissions for this, you can select the type of absence you are requesting here.

  • Period: The desired period of absence. In the table you will find an overview of all days within this period.
    Per day the number of hours absent can be entered, this is by default already entered from the contract or the schedule. If you want to deviate from this, enter the correct number of hours under Hours. For a part of the day, select Partial day and enter the starting time and number of hours manually.

  • Note: Gives you the opportunity to add a description.

When you have filled in all the information you can click the green Save button. Your request will then go to your supervisor, who will either approve or reject your request. This will be shown in your overview.

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