Mobile app: My absence

Overview of your balance and absence requests

From here you have insight into your leave balances and vacation requests. As an administrator, you can easily view and approve absences here.

My absence

Here you'll find an overview of your current amount of absence hours, expected end balance of absence hour at the end of the year/contract and the amount reserved for your future requests that have been approved.
By pressing on an absence request you can view the details of the request. if the request hasn't approved yet by your supervisor you can still freely edit the request. You can do this by pressing on the blue button with the white gear icon followed by the pencil icon. You can remove the request by pressing on the recycle bin icon.

When you press the blue button with the white plus on the absence main page you can add an absence request.

  • As a reason you'll choose the type of absence you'd like to request. By default, employees can only request vacation.

  • Next pick the start and end date of the absence. If it's for 1 day select the same start and end date.

  • The amount of hours will now be filed in automatically based on the rules set for your contract type. These can be altered manually if needed.

  • If you'd like to request absence for a partial day select the option for it and fill in the starting time and the amount of hours you're requesting.

  • The note field gives you the opportunity to add additional information for your request.

  • Selecting the option to Hide days without hours days that have zero hours allocated to them won't be displayed on the schedule.

My absence (Planner)

When you press a shift with planner permissions or when adding absence for an employee you'll have a few more features:

You can change the status of a request to Approved, Declined or Pending.
Notify employee: when selected, this will send an e-mail and push notification to that employee.
Intermediate shifts: This will determine hat will happen with the shift the employee has in the absence period.

  • Leave in schedule: This will leave the shifts on the schedule.

⚠️ Note: If you're automatically copying the schedule to the time sheet this will copy these shifts so the employee will have a double timesheet registration.

  • Remove from schedule: This will hide the shift so they aren't visible on the schedule. Hidden shifts won't be copied to the time sheet. You can make the shifts visible again by editing the absence and choosing for Leave in schedule

  • Move to open shift: This will move the shifts from the employee to the open shifts. This allows you to invite other employees to work that shift.

⚠️ Note: Moving shift to open shift can't be undone.

Absence (Planner)

Here you'll find an overview of all the employees that are absent on the selected day.
You can press on a request to see the details and make changes.

Open requests (Planner)

Here you'll find an overview of all the absence requests that are still pending approval.
You can press on a request to see the details, make changes and approve or decline the request.

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