Mobile App: Dashboard

Your home base within the app

The dashboard is the homepage that opens when you start the app. The dashboard is divided into different widgets. These can be customised to suit your needs. You can specify which widgets you want to see and in what order. Below I will mention the basic order.


Clock in

By default, the upcoming shift is always listed at the top with the possibility to clock in directly.

My schedule

Next you will see My Schedule. Here you will see your upcoming shifts for this week. By clicking on a shift you can see the details of the shift.

My worked hours

Next you will see the timesheets of the last few days. By clicking on an timesheet you can change it immediately if you have the permissions to do so.

My absences

Then you have the shortcut to your absences of this year. This is separated by absence type.

Plus/minus balance

Next you can see your plus/minus balance. Here you have 2 columns named Starting Balance and Today. Starting balance is the balance you have taken with you from the previous calendar year. Today is the plus/minus balance until today.

Leave balance

Here you can see your leave balance for this calendar year. Here you have 2 columns named Today and End Balance. Today shows the accrued leave up to now. Closing balance shows the full accrual until the end of the calendar year (or the end of the contract if this is earlier).

If you are using multiple leave balances, these are listed directly below.

Open shifts

Here you can see the upcoming Open shift requests. By clicking on an open shift you can directly accept or reject the request.


Here you have shortcuts to the news items in widget form. You can see who posted it, the title and the first line of the news item. By clicking on Read > you go directly to the relevant news item.

Absence (planner)

This allows you, if you have the permissions, to view the upcoming absences. By clicking on an absence you can immediately approve the request.

Anniversaries (manager)

Here you see, if you have the permissions, a notification of the employees who will soon have an anniversary with your company. For example that an employee has been employed for 5 years.

Birthdays (manager)

The upcoming birthdays of the employees can be found here.

Your own personal Dashboard

It is possible to configure your Dashboard just the way you want it!
At the bottom of the dashboard you have a Edit button. Pressing this button will give you an overview of all possible widgets. This allows you to specify which widgets you want to see in your dashboard and in what order.