How do I repeat parental leave over an extended period of time?

In this article you can find out, how to repeat parental leave over an extended period of time in your Shiftbase account.

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In Shiftbase you there is an option to add different types of absences to your employees. One of them is parental leave. To make requesting a parental leave easier, we can use the workaround described below.


Caution: This procedure is a workaround to make adding parental leave easier but is not a standard supported feature.

If you want to add parental leave for an employee, you'll first need to navigate to the Employee tab > click on the name > Contracts. From here you, can open the contract with the pencil and delete the hours in the contract except for on the day, where you'd like the parental leave to add hours.

After you've Saved, you can add the absence in the Absence tab of the employee up to the date when the employee is back from their parental leave.

Make sure to check the box for Hide absentee days without value. This ensures that we only see an absence marker on the days where the employee is absent (in this case: Mondays only). It will not show the absence marker on days where no hours are deducted.

Don't forget to check the option Remove from schedule, so that the already planned shifts for that time will be deleted right away.


Revert the contract hours

After you've Saved, you can go back to the Contract and add back the hours of their normal contract.

Now you've added the parental leave, make sure you do not go back and click on Recalculate in the Absence request.


We have now successfully added the parental leave (8 hours each Monday for the selected period) and reinstated the original contract, so that plus minus hours and balance accrual will continue as normal.