Exact Online integration

Integration Exact integration

When you are using the payroll software Exact you can choose to link your Exact account with your Shiftbase account.

This integration does two things:

  • Importing and editing your employee data*

  • Generating an import file that can import the timesheets to your Exact account with the press of a button.


Exact requirements

Setting up the Exact integration

Configuring the Exact integration


Mapping the Exact integration

Exact requirements

To create the integration, you will need the right permissions within Exact. The user being linked to must be able to do the same in Exact Online as what will be retrieved or posted using the app. This includes the following permissions:

  • GET /api/v1/{division}/payroll/Employees recht: Manage Employees

  • GET /api/v1/{division}/payroll/EmploymentContracts recht: Manage Employments

  • GET /api/v1/{division}/payroll/EmploymentOrganizations recht: Manage employments

  • GET /api/v1/{division}/payroll/Employments recht: Manage Employments

  • GET /api/v1/{division}/payroll/EmploymentSalaries recht: View salaries

  • GET /api/v1/{division}/system/Divisions (at minimum 1 division)

  • GET /api/v1/{division}/hrm/Costcenters recht: Maintain cost analysis master data

  • GET /api/v1/current/Me (at minimum 1 division)

  • GET /api/v1/{division}/hrm/Departments recht: Maintain HRM master data

Setting up the Exact integration

  1. In your Shiftbase account go to Settings > App center

  2. By clicking on Exact you can create the integration by clicking on + Add Exact integration.

  3. The following form will now appear:

When you click on Connect you will be re-directed towards your Exact enviroment.

  1. Username: your Exact Online user name**

  2. Password: your Exact Online password**

Configuring the Exact integration

After you have created the integration with the aforementioned steps it is now time to configure them. Configuring the Exact integration consists of the following steps.


This is how you can indicate what information will be synchronised every night from your Exact administration.

  • Automatically add new employees (employees are automatically added and linked on the basis of e-mail address or social security number)

  • Departments are managed by Exact

  • End dates are managed by Exact

  • Contract hours are managed by Exact (the contract hours are evenly distributed across the days of the week)

  • Contract types are managed by Exact

  • Functions are managed by Exact

  • Wages are managed by Exact.

  • Count absence days as worked days

After setting up your configuration, you can setup the mapping of the integration.
This can be done by clicking on the second icon called Edit mapping.

Contract Departments

The first sub-tab is Contract departments. Here you link the contract departments of Shiftbase to the cost centers of Exact.

First you setup the Contract department. Here you determine whether the contract department is based on the cost centers or the departments.

Next up is the Map cost centers.
On the left side you'll see the cost centers as known in Exact.
On the right side you'll see the contract departments as known in Shiftbase.

You can edit the contract departments on the right using a drop-down menu.
After you have finished mapping click on the green Save button on the bottom left side.

Contract Types

Next is the contract types. There are two parts that need mapping. These are the External contract types and the Internal contract types.

The first is the External contract types.
On the left side you'll see the contract types as known in Exact.
On the right side you'll see the contract types as known in Shiftbase.
You can edit the mapping on the right side using a drop-down menu.

The second is the Internal contract types.
These are the opposite of external contract types.
You'll find Shiftbase on the left and Exact on the right.
Again, you can edit the right side using a drop-down menu.


This is where you can link the employees.

At the unmapped employees you'll find the employees that still need to be added to Shiftbase.
At the Mapped employees you can decide per employee if you want to import employee data only, export timesheets only or do both.
Excluded employees is where the employees without an active contract reside.

Cost Centers

This is where you map the cost centers. This is also done by using the drop-down menu on the right.

On the left side you'll see the departments as known in Shiftbase.
On the right side you'll see the cost centers as known in Exact.

Wage/Hour Components

After setting up the cost centers you also need to map the used hour components within your Shiftbase account to the coherent component in your Exact account.
To do this, you fill in each hour component as known in your Exact account behind every hour component as known in Shiftbase.
A list of all available components you can find within your Exact account.
Pay attention: you need to fill in the code of the component, not the name of the component. You do not have to fill in the hour components you are not going to use.

Knowledge Base - Exact Online components per employee

Exact Online

Head to Employees > Employees > Employees > Summary and select the hyperlink in the column Name of the employee of whom you would want to edit the components.
Select in the Summary section the tab Components and select the hyperlink Show all. Select the component that you wish to use.

Exact Export

By using the integration with Exact the importing of the variable data for payrolling will be very easy. After setting up the integration you will gain access to a new report called Exact. You can find this report by going to Reports > Integrations > Exact.
By using this report it is possible to receive an automatically generated export file. This file can directly be imported to your Exact Online enviroment. This way you will import all the timesheets.

The via e-mail received file can be imported to Exact as followed.

  1. Log in at Exact Online

  2. Select the correct administration

  3. Choose in the menu at the top for Import/Export

  4. The method is CSV/Excel

  5. Next you choose for Salary import

  6. Select the file you would want to import and click next

  7. Click on Validate

  8. After you have clicked on upload, all the data from the automatically generated file will be imported

⚠️ Note: If you link an already existing employee in Shiftbase to a new to-be-imported employee from Exact, it is possible due to technical limitations that the contract department and e-mail address are not automatically being adopted. In these specific cases you need to check these yourself if the information is correct. This does not apply when you choose the option "Add" for employees that are going to be synchronised from Exact.

💡Tip: Your username & password will not be stored or used by us. They are only necessary for creating the integration.

💡Tip: For using the Exact integration the right permissions need to be applied to the user. You need these specific permissions in Exact Online to perform these tasks and to be able to make changes. These rights are grouped in roles that your administration can have. On this page all the roles your administration can have are specified. You can assign these roles to yourself for the administration you are currently working for and also apply permissions for other administrations within Exact Online. If you can not edit the roles, you do not have the correct permissions.
In that case, contact the admin of your administration if you want these extra roles. Here you can only add specific roles and administrational permissions. Do you wish to assign these roles to others? Take a look at Assign roles to other users.

⚠️ Note: Not all data can automatically be synchronised from Exact. The contract end date will always be adopted. All the changes to name and address details will be synchronised daily (this always happens at night). When adding a new employee the contract data will also be imported once.

⚠️ Note: One unique Exact user must be used per integration. Only one Exact integration can be created per account. In case you have multiple Shiftbase accounts and multiple Exact integrations you will need to create multiple Exact users.

💡Tip: Depending on the type of employee within Exact the integration will determine which type of contract corresponds to this type. Employees within Exact with a different employee type than 'Employee' will by default receive a zero-hours contract. For example a Student.

💡Tip: When an employee leaves the company, it is wise not to synchronise the employee in the link anymore. This can be done by setting the employee to Not import in the connection. You can do this by going to Employees and clicking on the employee name and choosing Don't import.

⚠️ Note: If an authenticator is used with your Exact account this also applies to the integration. This means that the session is valid for 30 days. If after 30 days the integration can no longer be opened you will need to authenticate again via the integration configuration. This can be done via the gearwheel icon at the integration.

⚠️ Note: With this integration, holiday hours to be paid out can be processed. Please note that the integration does not process leave balances to and from Exact. It is desirable to process leave balances within Shiftbase.