Configuring Datafox

In this article you can find out how to configure the Datafox integration.

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In Shiftbase, it is possible to create an integration with Datafox that allows data to be exchanged without manual intervention.

What can this integration do for you? Read more here.


Requesting the integration

Mapping the integration

Linking a terminal to a location or department

Linking a key to an employee

Deleting the RFID-keys / employees

Requesting the integration

Requesting the Datafox integration can easily be done by heading to Settings>App center> Datafox. Here you can request the integration by clicking on the +Request button.

You will then be asked to fill out the following form:

You will then be contacted by Datafox with an offer for the amount of terminals you've requested.

Mapping the integration

Caution: You can start mapping your integration after Datafox has helped you get the terminal Online in a first step.

Terminal not online yet? Contact Datafox support under the contact details provided to you.

To start mapping your integration and linking for example locations, departments or employees you need to go to Settings>App center>click on Datafox

After that, you'll see 3 symbols on the right. From here you can delete, edit or rename your integration. Click on the mapping symbol. Which is the rotating arrows on the right side of the integration.

Linking a terminal to a location or department

If you work with multiple terminals, they can be linked to a certain department. This way you can make sure that clocked hours always fall under the given department or location.

For that, follow the path to the mapping area of the integration. Now you can see the Terminal numbers on the left of your screen and the departments available in the middle.

Select the department or location you'd like to connect to the terminal and Save on the bottom left.

⚠️Warning: If you use the same terminal for multiple departments, don't map it towards a fixed department. If the employees clock in on a non mapped department the employees will be clocked based on their schedule, or their contract department if no schedule is available. It's completely fine if a terminal department is not defined.

Linking a key to an employee

To start mapping a key to an employee make sure you've followed the path to the mapping area of the integration.

If there's no RFID key in the system yet, you can add one by holding it near the terminal. The key's number will show up on the terminal's display and in the application. On your screen that is at the very bottom of the page.

💡Tip: For fingerprint scan terminals, you can add a fingerprint by swiping it three times. Once a fingerprint is added, its corresponding number will be displayed in the application summary. You can add multiple fingerprints this way.

After adding keys or fingerprints, you can assign them to employees. When you save, the key is successfully linked.

Employees can then use the terminal with the newly added key or fingerprint.

Deleting the RFID-keys / employees

When an employee needs to be deleted out of the mapping, make sure you first followed the path to the mapping area of the integration.

Now you can easily check the box behind the name of the employee. Once you have checked the box and you have clicked on the Save button the employee data will be deleted.

When it involves a tag or pass you can instantly reuse it for a new employee and simply select the new employee name in the dropdown.