Clocking working hours with a kiosk

In this article you can find out how clocking in and out on a Kiosk works.

Premium Plan

The Kiosk is a webpage that can be displayed on a tablet, phone or computer. The clocking works over an individual PIN Code that everybody has in their Mobile app or web.

Clocking via the Kiosk

If your manager wants you to clock over a tablet, you can clock like you do at a terminal.

If you want to clock in as an employee you can easily do so by clicking on the green Employee button in the middle. You will then see a list of employees appear from the right as shown below.

From this list of employees, choose your name to clock in or out. You can scroll through the list, or click on the first letter of your name to get here faster. Once you click on your name you will be taken to the screen below.

Enter your Kiosk pin code here. Once you have done this, you are clocked in! To clock out again, follow the same steps.


💡Tip: The personal PIN can be found in My Log in on the web or More>Kiosk Code in the Mobile app.