Mobile app: My plus-minus hours

In this article you can find out how to gain an overview of your overtime.

Basic_Premium Plan

In the Mobile app of Shiftbase you have the option to view your overtime worked for a certain period. You can find these informations under More and then Plus minus.


Plus minus overview

Plus minus details

Plus minus overview

At the top you get an overview of your Plus minus balance. You will see the starting balance of the year in question and today's balance.

Below you will find a summary of your plus minus hours per week.

💡Tip: If you want to know more about time off balances, then click here.

Plus minus-details

When you click on a week, you get a detailed overview of all registrations per day.

Here you can see the number of expected contract hours, the number of hours worked, the number of hours absent, behind that the build-up/break-down for that day and finally the plus or minus on the day itself.