Lightspeed Retail intergration

In this article you can find out how setting up your Lightspeed Retail integration works

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In Shiftbase, it is possible to create an integration with Lightspeed Retail that allows data to be exchanged without manual intervention.

What can this integration do for you? Read more here.


Connecting to Lightspeed Retail

Set up your Lightspeed Retail integration

Import turnover

Connecting to Lightspeed Retail

You can create and set up an integration with Lightspeed Retail. You can easily log in to your Lightspeed environment from within Shiftbase. You can specify a mapping name and e-mail address for import reports.

If you have a Lightspeed Retail cash register, you can set up an integration from your account with us as follows:

  • Within your Shiftbase account go to settings and then choose App center in the top left corner.

  • Then click on Lightspeed Retail and on the green button + Add Lightspeed integration.

  • Then click on Connect, you will be redirected to the Lightspeed Retail Log in page after pressing the connect button.

  • You can then authorize the integration from within your Lightspeed environment.

  • You have now successfully been connected and can further set up your integration by entering a mapping name and an import email address.

Set up your Lightspeed Retail integration

Setting up an integration with your Lightspeed Retail account is easy and can be done by following steps:

  1. Go to Settings in your account and select App center.

  2. Then click on Lightspeed Retail and next to the integration on the Edit mapping icon.

  3. Within the integration page you can indicate for each cost center that is known within your Lightspeed Retail account what the corresponding team is within Shiftbase. You can also have multiple stores refer to the same team if needed.

  4. After completing the set-up you can click on Save.

Import turnover

After setting up a Lightspeed Retail integration, the turnover is collected once a day from Lightspeed Retail, this happens overnight. Due to the possibility of corrections to the turnover, we import the turnover for the past two days every night. Any changes to the turnover in Lightspeed Retail will be processed in Shiftbase within one day.

The imported turnover can then be found in the Diary tab of the relevant day in the Turnover field.