Ecash Horeca Kassa integration

Requesting the Ecash Horeca Kassa integration


If you are using the POS system Ecash Horeca Kassa, you can choose to set up a link to your Ecash Horeca Kassa account from your account with us.

This link offers the following functions:

  • The turnover is imported from Ecash into your account with us every 15 minutes.
  • Import the clock times from Ecash Horeca Kassa to Shifbase.

Requesting the Ecash Horeca Kassa integration

Requesting the API key can easily be done by going to Settings > App center > Ecash Horeca Kassa. By clicking on the green + Add Ecash Horeca Kassa integration button you can create the integration.

Then you can give the integration a name, for example your company name.

Once you have clicked Save you'll see the following information.

  • Name: The name of the integration

  • Application: The name of the integrated software.

  • Key: The API key that is needed to integrate with Ecash Horeca Kassa.

  • Created: The date on which the key has been requested.

On the right past the information you see two more icons. A gearwheel icon and a trash can icon.

  • Gearwheel: Here you can edit the name of the integration.

  • Trash can: Here you can deactivate the integration.

Once the integration has been successfully added you can use the API key to complete the integration in Ecash Horeca Kassa.