e-UUR integration

e-UUR integration


With our integration it is possible to link your Shiftbase account to your e-UUR account.
With this integration you can easily create timesheets in e-UUR based on the worked hours registered in Shiftbase.

How to setup the integration

To set up the integration, head towards the Settings > App center > e-UUR. There you click on the green + Add e-UUR integration button. You will see the following screen where you can add your Log in data for your e-UUR account.

When you have entered the required data you can then proceed to name the integration and add an e-mail address for the export notifications.
After you have done the previous step the integration is now active and you can start with linking the employees.

How to link the employees

At the right side of the integration you will find the following three icons:

  • With the gear wheel you can edit the name and e-mail address.

  • With the two arrows you can link the employees.

  • With the recycle bin you can deactivate the integration. You can always reactivate the deactivated integration.

Click on the second icon to go towards the page where you can link your employees. On the left side you will see all the employees that are known in your e-UUR account. On the right you can link the Shiftbase employee data with the employee data of e-UUR. When you are finished linking the employee data proceed to click on the save button below.

Sending data

To create the timesheets in e-UUR please make sure you approved all the registered worked hours in Shiftbase. Head towards the Reports tab and on the bottom left the option e-UUR has appeared. With the report filter on the left you can select the period for which you wish to send the data. If you have more then one e-UUR integration you can also select to which one you wish to send the data. When you click on Show you will see an overview of the data that can be sent. Afterwards you click on the Send to e-UUR button to send the data.