Dutch working hours act

The Dutch Working Hours Act for your schedule

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To ensure compliance with the Arbeidstijdenwet (Working Hours Act), Shiftbase offers the ATW control feature. This feature automatically checks the schedule for any violations and covers a three-month period.

To enable the ATW control, you need to activate it in the Schedule Settings by selecting the "ATW controle" option.

ATW Controle in the Schedule

Once the ATW control is set up, navigate to the Schedule tab.
At the bottom of the screen, in the status bar, you will see a field called Violations.
This counter displays the number of violations of the Arbeidstijdenwet in the current schedule for all visible departments. 

An exclamation mark on a scheduled shift indicates a conflict or violation of the working hours law.
By hovering your mouse over such a shift, you can determine whether it is a conflict or a violation.

When adding, modifying, or removing a shift, it is immediately checked for compliance with the Arbeidstijdenwet.
You will see a loading bar at the top of the screen, and any violations will become visible within seconds.

⚠️ Note: The ATW control only works for upcoming periods and not for the past.