Shiftbase Updates

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📌 2024-06-12

:rocket: Improvements:

  • Absence overview UX improvements
  • Make date range in absence request clickable

:tools: Fixes:

  • Timesheet clock out button action unclear
  • Refresh the contract type store after a rate card is update
  • Choose plan modal runs out of bounds on small screen
  • Department name visually changes on changing a timesheets date
  • Missing dark mode page for Locked availability page
  • Make selection boxes visible on the timesheet if the user has the view timesheet permission
  • Invalid attachment in news items should not be uploaded
  • Make worked vs scheduled behaviour concise for day view and week/month view
  • Add Balance on the Settings - Absence page is missing confirmation toast
  • Hooray Exclude do not import employees from import
  • Incorrect edit absence permission used on My absence pages

📌 2024-05-29

:rocket: Improvements:

  • Revamped welcome modals: Enjoy a fresh new look for the modals showcasing new features and providing instructions!

:tools: Fixes:

  • Centered content on the right side of the signup page.
  • Activated rate-limiter on Chargebee webhooks.
  • Fixed missing translation for "Failed to save absentee".
  • Enhanced performance for the invoices database table.
  • Corrected issue on Personio app where the employee debug page didn't reflect the importable contract.
  • Fixed issue with the integration logo for Untill.
  • Resolved issue preventing tasks from being accepted if overlapping with an open shift.
  • Fixed issue making it impossible to change the account owner on the first modal load.
  • New absence view now considers contract end date instead of the end of the year.
  • Absences in days are now rounded to halves and wholes.
  • Fixed broken interaction on the Schedule.
  • Absence overview balance/type distribution column now properly adjusts if the type distribution section is not shown.
  • "Hide end time" is now correctly set to true when adding a required shift.

📌 2024-05-15

:rocket: Improvements:

  • Freshened up our Absence Overview! It is now easier to see when employees are absent and to manage their balances 
  • Improvements on the sidebar and it's notifications 
  • We did improvements on the Time Off balances

:tools: Fixes:

  • Timesheet links to employee even if the user didn't have permission to see the employee
  • Correct balance bulk action's displayed data lags behind on a date change
  • My absence option visible without permissions
  • Overlap and non-scrolling index on the Kiosk page
  • Absence correction modal doesn't reset properly after changing the Balance
  • Personio Timesheet Export - Chunk sending attendances
  • Department filter ignored on List Users endpoint

📌 2024-05-01


  • We've added the possibility to integrate with Nextup, find it in our App Center to make a connection!

:rocket: Improvements:

  • Improved Password requirement field
  • Copy schedule - we have improved the cancellation of a copied schedule. 
  • Timesheets from "External" employees were missing in the overview of a manager it is now possible to see these employees too

:tools: Fixes:

  • Location details don't focus when you only have a start time
  • Emoji flag missing from Country code telephone number field
  • My absence option visible without permissions
  • Variation pages break when you use the back button
  • Timesheet statements privilege escalation

📌 2024-04-17

:rocket: Improvements:

  • Added Back to App Center button to all mapping pages for integrations
  • Changed default location of Google maps
  • Added Button Row and Remove Delete Option in Variation Page
  • Auto Remove Country Code and Update Selector on Phone Number Field

:tools: Fixes:

  • You couldn't change the name of a clock location
  • Subject of Absence to manager uses the locale of the absence user
  • Can't update users in a free account if the amount of employees is bigger then 75
  • Absence export - incorrect check if integration is disabled
  • Added primary key in the reports table
  • Passwords do not have maximum length restrictions
  • AFAS type error on employee import sync

📌 2024-04-04


  • We've added the possibility to integrate with Jixbee, find it in our App Center to make a connection!

:rocket: Improvements:

  • For the integration with AFAS we've updated the way we export payroll data from Shiftbase to AFAS - this is smoother process now

:tools: Fixes:

  • Added Dark Mode page for Waiting Days
  • Moving a shift to open shift removes the shift but doesn't add an open shift
  • Password reset incorrectly checks against user quote for free accounts
  • Incorrect empty state message for news
  • Infinite spinner for payment information when invoice is being paid

📌 2024-03-20


  • Timesheet statements are now printable for Managers, of their employees.
  • Users can now request a scheduled downgrade to a different plan.

:tools: Fixes:

  • Fixed Integration pages that only showed new integrations after a refresh.
  • Missing App center descriptions were added.
  • Resolved validation error that displays technical text during MFA setup.
  • Fixed an Android Keyboard issue when adding a note to absence. 

📌 2024-03-06


  • Hooray! Team mapping has been updated. 
  • Introducing the Bork App Center Tile. Users can now easily request Bork integration directly from the app center. 

:tools: Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue where the Android app could crash.
  • Addressed a scenario where editing schedule items would unintentionally reset break values.
  • Fixed auto-login functionality that may have been broken for some users. 

📌 2024-02-21


  • Introduction of the Dark Mode for Mobile. No more tired eyes in dark places. Discover the ease of use of Shiftbase, now with a dark colour palette. 

:tools: Fixes:

  • Deleted absence types are being counted for requesting absence permission 
  • Onboarding checklist doesn't mark add employee as completed if add another employee is checked

📌 2024-02-06

:rocket: Improvements:

  • We  improved our signup flow for new customers to get a better understanding of the needs when starting with Shiftbase

:tools: Fixes:

  • We have updated our form for clock in, and the timesheet edit
  • Dashboard screen updated with new texts
  • Tracking implemented for Absence,timesheet, copy/schedule and shift modal.
  • Yearly contract monthly invoices are now able to be send - coming soon

📌 2024-01-24

:rocket: Improvements:

  •  We have updated the introduction wizard when changing your plan from free to paid

:tools: Fixes:

  • Flexpooler wage not visible in the employee selector when adding a shift
  • Absence approved push notification opens notification center instead of absence
  • Timesheet (dashboard) page breaks for mobile
  • MOB - Stuck on clock in or out when location service is disabled

📌 2024-01-10

:rocket: Improvements:

  • UI improved for shift overview in timesheet edit modal
  • Combine Billing details and Summary into one wizard step
  • Introduce wizard with unique steps for changing active paid plans

:tools: Fixes:

  • Department header name was not being reset to default when navigating to another setting
  • MOB - Fixed an issue wherein break calculations were unintentionally deleted when entering a specific number of kilometers.

📌 2023-12-27


  • Introduction of the App Center Plus Add-on - Make use of all our Integrations by adding the App Center Plus Add-on to your subscription!

🚀 Improvements:

  • MOB - Enable open shifts approval required for Basic accounts

  • Enable open shifts approval required for Basic accounts

  • Enable diary & turnover feature for Basic plans

  • Update billing details forms (wizards + standalone modal)

  • Update plan cards in plan picker

  • Updated order summary with support for add-on

  • Updated subscription overview page in settings with support for add-on

  • Kiosk PIN codes API documentation

  • Manual timesheets are available for all Free plans

📌 2023-12-13

🚀 Improvements:

  • Our Starter plan has been renamed to Basic and now includes more features:
    +Full access to the App Center and integrations
    +Open shifts 
    +Weather forecasts
  • It is now possible to request a yearly billing in the subscription wizard
  • Password successfully screen has been updated
  • Employee invitation Password has been updated

📌 2023-11-29

🚀 Improvements:

  • Remove zebra stripes in the integration mapping page
  • App center - Banners
  • Show manager which public holidays are being imported

📌 2023-11-15


  • Create a setting for intermediate shifts

🚀 Improvements:

  • Past open shifts should not be acceptable in Mobile
  • No sync between Chargebee and Shiftbase CRM/Datawarehouse regarding field Minimum Order Quantity
  • Implement Side Menu Storybook Component On Dashboard
  • Personio leave and absence - Export absences
  • Personio leave and absence - What to do during down time
  • Organization - Improved Add button
  • Quick user import - Team selection
  • Add Info Icon Tooltip for Short name in Shift Templates
  • Replace Attached File Buttons in News Messages
  • Standardize Toggles Across Web App
  • Search input consistency
  • Show manager which public holidays are being imported
  • Deselect public holidays which I don't want to import
  • Web - App center banners Storybook component

📌 2023-11-1

🚀 Improvements:

  • Contract type filters reset on refresh of the page
  • Missing 'active' indicators on form select fields
  • Insufficient icon spacing for pending absence requests
  • Add padding to separate the text components
  • Missing validation on default department validation settings

📌 2023-10-18

🚀 Improvements:

  • Added a Schedule vs timesheet report with budget information
  • Added a search option on the shift page in the settings
  • In-App Feature Announcements for Assign Open Shifts .
  • Replace Alert Boxes with Notice Card Component  

📌 2023-10-04


  • Onboarding task checklist

  • Open shift (approval required) assigning on mobile

🚀 Improvements:

  • OpenApi - EventsController

  • Make the component number visible in the wagecomponent dropdown for SD Worx

  • New signup greeting

  • 13 week calculation - Remove days without value

  • Change label and description organization settings

  • Add Task Icon to Shift Management Table in Settings

  • Replace warning banner public holiday with notice card component

📌 2023-09-26


  • Absences in days
  • Bulk action change contract type

🚀 Improvements:

  • Add new Absence types to policies

📌 2023-09-06


  • Absences in days [BETA]

🚀 Improvements:

  • Schedule - Budget and Forecast edit icons have different colours
  • Change bulk balance correction default value from null to zero
  • Shifts page: Adding or editing a shift resets department selection
  • Add variation department selector shows all departments after a refresh
  • Absence in days - Bulk correction to different unit not using the average contract
  • Change the colours of the availability on the schedule
  • Anonymize employee modal | New look
  • Apps - Personio Integration - Timesheets export improvements

📌 2023-08-23

🚀 Improvements:

  • Improved the add shift modal for the personal schedule page
  • Make it possible to have letters to our Chargenumber - Datafox
  • Exact Rate limit 

📌 2023-08-22


  • Department variations 

📌 2023-08-09


  • The Organization page within settings is now also available in the free plan

📌 2023-07-19


We are thrilled to announce the introduction of 'Absence Policies' in Shiftbase, which revolutionize the way absences are managed. With absence policies, you now have powerful tools at your disposal to customize your absence setup based on contract type. This includes determining the available absence types and time-off balances for your employees, along with a range of comprehensive absence settings. To learn everything about how to use it, you can read the Help Center article: absence-policies.
We genuinely hope that you share our enthusiasm about these exciting changes, as we believe they will greatly enhance the way you work. We can't wait to witness the positive impact they will have on your organization. Thank you for your continued support.

📌 2023-07-12

🚀 Improvements:

  • Add Department Name in Settings Header

📌 2023-06-28

🚀 Improvements:

  • When creating a team the locations is shown in the dropdown

📌 2023-06-20

🚀 Improvements:

  • Improved Sign-up flow

📌 2023-06-06

  • Add create shifts to Settings

  • Warning for high impact setting change

  • Merge plus minus and time off balance bulk correction

🚀 Improvements:

  • Improve department selector in settings

  • Icon on My-hours and my-schedule differ in color

📌 2023-05-17


  • My absence - Mobile page redesign for absence in days

🚀 Improvements:

  • Add a department selector in the add shift modal

  • Break Rules Page redesign

  • Make employability work for the new default shift option

📌 2023-05-03


  •  New sign-up page

🚀 Improvements:

  • Confirmation modal after setting changes has been added

📌 2023-04-19

🌟 Features:

  • Move the Kiosk to the Timetracking menu group

  • Add Buddee as app to app-center

  • Mobile app: My schedule - have a clear overview of what an absence is and the relevant data of this absence

🚀 Improvements:

  • Absence policy page has new look and feel

📌 2023-04-04

🌟 Features:

  • Top Chefs as app to app-center

🚀 Improvements:

  • Lock header when scrolling within settings

  • Having a save bar within settings

📌 2023-03-22

🌟 Features:

  • Include CoC in report dashboard - Salary cost percentage

🚀 Improvements:

  • Add tool tips within Settings

  • Visual indicator on availability with reason

📌 2023-03-08

🌟 Features:

  • Make labels more user friendly within settings page

  • Adding headers on the settings page

  • Integration with HoorayHR - Employee import

🚀 Improvements:

  • Clear overview what a location, department or team is

  • Re-order setting menu items

📌 2023-01-25

🌟 Features:

  • Move team management to settings

  • Create new subscription wizard

🚀 Improvements:

  • Confirm plan buttons

  • Personal information - Update Passport to ID/Passport nr

📌 2022-12-29

🌟 Features:

  • Overtime surcharge: New feature to keep track of overtime

📌 2022-12-14

🚀 Improvements:

  • Re-order days and date within my plusminus hours (from Monday till Sunday)

📌 2022-12-01

🌟 Features:

  • Apps - Loket - implement CostCenter/CostUnit on Payroll Export


  • In My Schedule show department & team text in the hover below the Shift name and times

  • The View of flex/loaned employees is consistent in Shiftbase 

  • The week and month view for the timesheet will display the red triangle for overlapping registrations

📌 2022-11-16

🌟 Features:

  • Creating new shift template in the “add shift” modal 

📌 2022-11-02

🌟 Features:

  • Option to delete a user by Email address by using the API


  • Tooltips on side panel in the dashboard

  • Prevent identical custom field names

📌 2022-10-19

🌟 Features:

  •  Re-order my overtime view week numbers from new to old

🚀 Improvements:

  • Similar layout for modals in the mobile app

  • Requested date field for absence requests is added in mobile app

  • Absence detail page improvements in mobile app

  • Enlarge touch boxes for month switcher in date picker in the mobile app

  • Add reports to the BI reports

  • Remove “My” from dashboard side panel items

  • Implement new colour picker

  • For mobile app we increased the number of months ahead in absence date picker to 24 months

  • A drag and dropped shift item has the same style as the regular shift items

  • For mobile app the open shift widget and schedule widget are consistent in visible period scope


📌 2022-10-05

🌟 Features:

  • New Payroll integration (Payroll export) with BCS Online 

🚀 Improvements:

  • Set an error when you do enter a not correct hexadecimal on colour selection

  • Limit the absence percentage column to 2 decimals

  • Add another employee toggle will remain activated to allow adding multiple employees

  • Lighten the disabled colour for the “Bulk Action button” in Employee list

  • General redesign improvements on colours

  • Tooltip for clock out reminder

  • Add "shift item preview" to modal when editing or creating a shift 

📌 2022-09-21

🌟 Features:

  • Improvements in the redesign shift item/schedule

  • Compact month schedule view

  • New Payroll integration (Employee import) with BCS Online

📌 2022-09-07

🌟 Features:

  • New look and feel of Shiftbase sub-menu
  • New HR integration (Timesheet export) with Personio
  • Migration of our API documentation to

🚀 Improvements:

  • Absence calculation - Change the default value for new accounts
  • Single select custom field design alignment
  • Aligned colour palette and font for the mobile app 
  • Navigate Upgrade now button in lock modals to Change subscription overlay
  • Automate subscription confirmation
  • Last fixes new look and feel (redesign)

    • Shift Items Opacity

    • Conflict shift item visibility 


📌 2022-08-24

🌟 Features:

  • New look and feel of Shiftbase (redesign) 

    • We’ve updated the colours throughout the app, giving it a light, fresh feel. In addition, we’ve removed the icons on the navigation menu at the top.

  • New POS integration (Turnover import) with Twelve

  • Forgot to clock out notification

  • API endpoint to update and get users by email address 

🚀 Improvements:

  • Required Any shift has no short name 

  • No prefill on the absence end date in the mobile app


📌 2022-08-10

🌟 Features:

  • Schedule recurring reports
  • New payroll integration (export CSV file) with P&I Loga
  • Redesign - Line charts
  • Refresh data periodically in the mobile app

🚀 Improvements:

  • Subscription page visual improvements

📌 2022-07-27

🌟 Features:

  • New HR integration (Employee import) with Personio

🚀 Improvements:

  • Tagline added to the app store listing
  • Open shift multi assign - Empty State 

📌 2022-07-13

🌟 Features:

  • Payroll report has a new filter for Contracttype

  • Added Employee Import & Contract Sync for Employes Integration

  • Prefill shift details when there is only one option

🚀 Improvements:

  • Openshifts - Use better defaults for Open shifts assigned filters

  • Loosen Public API Ratelimiter to allow for more requests per second

  • On mobile, display 'External' labels for timesheets in departments you cannot see due to permissions

  • Department selection option "select all" selects only search results when using the search filter

📌 2022-06-29

🌟 Features:

  • New additional payroll integration (employee import & contract sync) with Employes
  • Open shift with approval now has multi-assign and filters

🚀 Improvements:

  • Redesign flow for requesting absence in the mobile app (SHB-56)

  • Redesign “my absence” in the mobile app

  • In “my overtime” the “today” count has been removed 

  • Redesign in Web App of the Splitbutton, report tables and confirmpop

  • Add confirmation step to integration deactivation

📌 2022-06-15

🌟 Features:

  • New filter option in schedule - Show empty teams 

  • New payroll integration (payroll export CSV file) with SD Worx

  • For a free account, locks have been added to the menu items: Timesheet, Diary, and Reports

🚀 Improvements:

  • Redesign Web App of the toast and spinners

  • Polishing of the settings - subscription table

📌 2022-06-01

🌟 Features:

  • Switch shifts in the clock in/out function

  • Rating popup for the mobile app

🚀 Improvements:

  • Pinned widget in the mobile app has been removed

  • Widget titles are added to the dashboard in the mobile app

  • Layout for the billing modal 

📌 2022-05-18

🌟 Features:

  • New POS integration (turnover/clock import) with Unitouch
  • New filter option in schedule - Show only violations

  • Department and team information is now available in the schedule, shift hover

🚀 Improvements:

  • Email field validation is added in the forgot password screen in the mobile app

  • Edit success messages are improved for updating the employee and language

  • The system updates can be found in the menu when clicking on your avatar

📌 2022-05-04

🌟 Features:

  • New table reservation integration with Guestplan
  • New filter option in schedule - Show only conflicts

🚀 Improvements:

  • Connexie payroll export now splits the worked hours per department and can map the “Opdrachtreferentie”
  • Clock in/out option outside of the punch clock widget is now added to the mobile app

 📌 2022-04-20

🌟 Features:

  • New open shift with approval flow was added. Allowing employees to "request" an open shift from their planner before getting assigned. 

  • New custom field type: Multi-Select was added. Allowing you to pick multiple options from a dropdown list.

  • New payroll integration with (CSV based)

🚀 Improvements:

  • You can now manually order custom fields in the interface. A new field was added to all Custom Fields "order."

📌 2022-04-06

🌟 Features:

  • Ability to have report favorites 

  • Payment reminder is shown on login 10 days before account closure deadline

🚀 Improvements:

  • Customer will now receive an email if we can't connect to Untill for import/export actions

  • Interface improvements for the create user department selector to make it easier to add an employee to more departments


  • Adding an absence and removing the shift from the schedule did not remove the corresponding timesheet

  • Resolve error when requesting a Oneteam integration with 0 employees

  • Resolve error when saving some ATW compliance violations

  • Resolve report filters are not always applied

  • Viewing absentee days without permission now doesn't show an error in mobile app

  • Remove "Not invited" label on Employee List when you don't have permission for viewing invitations 

  • Show validation error instead of technical error when saving a malformed user

  • Updating permissions in some American time zones resulted in not being able to Login anymore

  • Resolve error when updating the events in sequence
  • German knowledgebase article for plus-minus hours is now linked correctly

  • Adding an absence without permission to view them resulted in error

  • Resolve not able to sort reports on date columns

  • Resolve error on the print roster view

  • Ensure Chat widget is shown

  • Some report filter options were not translated

  • Consistent left-spacing on dropdown multi select input fields

  • Action-button on Employee list is now hidden if there are no actions


  • New widget 'My totals' as users were used to from our previous app

  • Start time is now shown in the punch clock widget

  • Absence can now be removed from the app

  • Management tab in notifications is visible again for starter accounts

  • Improvements when requesting an absence

    • Absence type is now clearly required with gray text and a red asterisk

    • Period is no longer preselected

    • After choosing a partial day, you will no longer be sent back

    • Modal closes after saving when not having the permissions to view own absences and/or view absences

  • Improvements in news

    • Comments by others are visible again if you do not have permission to add comments

    • Comments of others visible again if not in same department

    • No more character limit for writing news items

    • When editing a news item, notifications are no longer sent to employees automatically

  • Absence of inactive and anonymized employees is no longer visible

  • You can now select and copy text within the app

  • You can now delete text in one go by clicking on the X in the right hand side of the text field

  • Filters and selected departments are now remembered per screen after closing the app

  • The department selectors adjust to the screen size

  • More space available for long department names

  • Horizontal loading bar indicating that data is being refreshed in the schedule, timesheet, absence etc.

  • Open shift 'instance counter' now also visible in the open shift details

  • Location is requested again immediately after granting access to the Geolocation

  • Fixed strange behavior when switching from day view to week view in the calendar

  • Fixed problem where dates differ by 1 day (Android only)

  • Fixed bug when setting an avatar (Android only)


📌 Updates Q1 2022

🔹 Ereignisse wiederholen: Die Möglichkeit um Ereignisse im Dienstplan zu wiederholen.

🔹 Neue Shiftbase App: Die erneuerte Shiftbase App ist live für iOS und Android.

🔹 Erneuerte Statistikenansicht: Die Statistikenansicht wurde angepasst. Die Auswahl der Statistiken und der Filter sind oben angegeben anstelle an der linken Seite.

📌 Updates Q4 2021

🔹 Ecash Integration: Eine neue Kassenintegration mit Ecash ist ab jezt verfügbar.

🔹 Neue Synchronisationsmöglichkeiten für Lohn- und Gehaltsabrechnungs Integrationen: Es ist ab jetzt möglich anzugeben welche Mitarbeiterdaten synchronisiert werden sollen.

🔹 Piggy Integration: Du kannst dein Piggy System jetzt auch mit deinem Shiftbase Konto integrieren.

📌 Updates Q3 2021

🔹 Lightspeed K series Integration: Eine neue Kassenintegration mit Lightspeed K series ist ab jetzt verfügbar.

🔹 (In)Active Mitarbeiterstatistik Update: Eine neue Spalte genannt MFA ist jetzt verfügbar in der Statistik. So kannst du sehen welcher Mitarbeiter die MFA anstehen hat.

🔹 Anonymiseren Mitarbeiter: Zum endgültigen Löschen eines Mitarbeiters muss ab jetzt auch der Name eingegeben werden. Damit man auch sicher den richtigen Mitarbeiter anonymisiert.

🔹 CSV import: Im CSV Import sind ab jetzt auch die zusätzlichen Felder sichtbar.

🔹 Widerholen des Budgets: Es ist möglich das Budget für einen längeren Zeitraum zu wiederholen.

🔹 Wiederholen des zu erwartenden Umsatzes: Es ist möglich  und den zu erwartenden Umsat für einen längeren Zeitraum zu wiederholen.

🔹 Formitable Integration: Es ist jetzt möglich um dein Formitable Konto mit deinem ShiftbaseKonto zu integrieren. So kannst du deine Reservierungen in den Dienstplan von Shiftabse importieren. 

🔹 Diverse Bug fixes 👾 🔫

📌 Updates Q2 2021

🔹 Kiosk: Es ist möglich um über unsere Kiosk Webseite alle Mitarbeiter stempeln zu lassen auf einem Tablet mit ihrem persönlichen Pincode.

🔹 Vergessen zu stempeln (Manager): Der Manager kann eine Nachricht erhalten wenn der Mitarbeiter vergessen hat zu stempeln. l

🔹 Vergessen zu stempeln ( Mitarbeiter): Der Mitarbeiter kann selber eine Nachricht erhalten, wenn er/sie vergessen hat zu stempeln. 

🔹 Dienstplan Benachrichtigung: Der Mitarbeiter kann eine Erinnerungsnachricht erhalten für die erstfolgende Schicht. 

🔹 Fähigkeitenstatistik: Eine neue Statistik mit allen Fähigkeiten per Mitarbeiter.

🔹 Zugangsrechtenstatistik: Eine neue Statistik mit der Angabe zu welcher Berechtigungsgruppe die Mitarbeiter jeweils gehören.

🔹 Statistik Erforderliche Dienste: Eine neue Statistik mit allen erforderlichen Diensten.

🔹 Kassenintegrationen: Ab jetzt wird der Umsatz alle 5 Minuten importiert bei den Kassenverknüpfungen. 

🔹 Diverse Bug fixes 👾 🔫

📌 Updates Q1 2021

🔹 Drag & Drop: Es ist nun auch möglich, zwischen dem Verschieben oder Kopieren eines Dienstes per Drag & Drop zu wählen. Außerdem wurden einige Stabilitätsverbesserungen für das Feature implementiert.

🔹 Neue Sprache: Die Anwendung ist jetzt auch auf Rumänisch verfügbar.

🔹 Zusätzliche Felder: Zusätzliche Felder werden nun auch im Dienstplan angezeigt.

🔹 Kosten: Die Abwesenheitskosten sind nun im Dienstplan enthalten.

🔹 Styling: Styling der Dienstmeldung aktualisiert.

🔹 Diverse Performance-Updates

🔹 Diverse Bugfixes 👾 🔫


📌 Updates Q4 2020

🔹 Neue Sprache: Die Anwendung ist jetzt auch auf Schwedisch verfügbar.

🔹 Diverse Performance-Updates

🔹 Diverse Bugfixes 👾 🔫

📌 Updates Q3 2020

🔹 Urlaubssalden: Urlaubsstunden können nun in verschiedene Urlaubssalden wie z.B. gesetzliche und tariflichen aufgeteilt werden. Als Manager kannst du wählen, von welchem Saldo die Stunden abgezogen werden!

🔹 Abwesenheitspolitik: Es ist nun möglich, eine Abwesenheitsrichtlinie zu erstellen, wann Mitarbeiter Urlaub beantragen können. Damit ist es möglich, Urlaubsanträge zu begrenzen oder sogar Tage für einen bestimmten Zeitraum zu sperren.

🔹 Neue Sprachen: Die Anwendung ist jetzt auch in Spanisch, Französisch und Polnisch verfügbar.

🔹 Diverse Performance-Updates

🔹 Diverse Bugfixes 👾 🔫

📌 Updates Q2 2020

🔹 Neue Schnittstelle: Mit der Unit4 Schnittstelle können Mitarbeiter automatisch aus Unit4 in Shiftbase importiert werden und du kannst geleistete Stunden in Unit4 einfach importieren.

🔹 Neue Schnittstelle: Mit der AFAS-Online Schnittstelle können Mitarbeiter automatisch aus AFAS-Online in Shiftbase importiert werden und du kannst geleistete Stunden einfach in AFAS importieren.

🔹 Neue Schnittstelle: Mit der Easylon Schnittstelle kannst du mit einem Knopfdruck eine maßgeschneiderte Importdatei generieren. So kannst du einfach und schnell die geleisteten Stunden von Shiftbase an Easylon senden.

🔹 Mehrere Performance Updates

🔹 Diverse Bugfixes 👾 🔫

📌 Updates Q1 2020

🔹 Zusätzliche Felder: Wir haben eine neue Erweiterung in Shiftbase! Die Möglichkeit, zusätzliche Felder zu erstellen. Von nun an kannst du Felder zu den persönlichen Daten und den Dienstplänen & Stunden hinzufügen.

🔹 Statistiken: Unsere Statistiken sind aktualisiert worden! Wenn du den gewünschten Statistik ausgewählt hast, findest du nun auf der linken Seite die Filter. Außerdem ist die Spaltenauswahl nun auch auf der linken Seite zu finden.

🔹 Neue Schnittstelle: Der Employes Schnittstelle erlaubt es dir, geleistete Stunden einfach in Employes zu importieren.

🔹 Neue Schnittstelle: Mit der Growzer Schnittstelle ruft Growzer die Lohnkosten aus Shiftbase ab und gibt dir einen klaren Überblick über deine Einnahmen und Ausgaben.

🔹 Schnittstelle Update: Ein Update in der Nmbrs Schnittstelle sorgt wieder für eine vollständige Vertragssynchronisation, so dass es nicht mehr notwendig ist, neue Mitarbeiter zuerst in Shiftbase zu erfassen. Da Nmbrs keine unterschiedlichen Vertragstypen mehr kennt, können wir nur noch auf folgende Weise eine Unterscheidung treffen:

  • Stundenarbeiter: Alle Mitarbeiter mit einem 0-Stunden-Vertrag

  • Festangestellte: Alle Mitarbeiter mit mindestens 1 Vertragsstunde

🔹 Verschiedene Performance Updates

🔹 Diverse Bugfixes 👾 🔫


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