DATEV integration

DATEV integration


When you're using DATEV payroll software you can choose to set up an integration within Shiftbase.

This integration helps with:

Generating an import file with which you can import all time registration from Shiftbase to DATEV.

Setting up your DATEV integration

You can do this by going to Settings and then click App center at the top of the screen.
By clicking on DATEV you can set up an integration via the + Add DATEV integration button.
A pop-up wil be shown where you can set-up your account.

Here you can enter the name of your integration and enter the e-mail address where you want to receive the DATEV export file. Click on the Configure button to complete the integration.

Configure your DATEV integration

You can complete setting up your DATEV integration by following these next steps.

  • Mapping cost centers

  • Mapping employees 

  • Mapping hour components

Mapping cost centers

In the Cost centers tab you can indicate which departments should be exported. Behind every department you can indicate Export or Do not export. Once completed, click Save.

Mapping employees

The last step is mapping your hour components per contract type. Here you get an overview of all your used hour types, surcharges and absence types for fixed hour contracts and hourly employee contracts.
Here you select the corresponding hour component behind each Hour component (Shiftbase) that you want to use. If applicable, you can indicate the corresponding hour code for each Hour component (DATEV). Don't forget to save your progress.

DATEV payroll export

After setting up your DATEV integration you will get access to a new DATEV report. This report can be found by going to the Reports tab and clicking on DATEV report at the bottom.
On the left-hand side you can find the Report filters where you can indicate which period and which configuration is required. By clicking on the green button Show you get an overview of all your mapped employees and mapped hour components. Once you are pleased with the result, you can then click on the Send to DATEV button.
Then an e-mail is triggerd that is sent to the e-mail adress given within the integration and all mapped hours are processed in a .CSV file.

You can then import the .CSV file received by e-mail to your DATEV payroll software.

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