Custom fields (Employees)

Adding custom fields to your HR data


🖥 Go to Shiftbase

It is possible to add custom fields to an employee. This allows you to add additional employee information!

Click on the green button + Custom field to add an extra field. This allows you to fully control what additional information you want to keep track of for your personnel records.

💡 Tip: Think for example of the clothing size for company clothing, license plates of company cars, and project numbers.

When adding a new custom field you will be asked to fill out the following information.

Name: Name of the custom field.


  • Text: Text field where something can be entered.

  • Numeric: Only whole numbers can be entered.

  • Decimal: Numbers with decimals can be entered.

  • Money: Amounts of money can be entered.

  • Date: Dates can be entered.

  • Boolean: A choice can be made between yes and no.

Description: A description you can add for this custom field.

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