BCS Delta integration

In this article you can find out how to setup your BCS Delta integration.

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In Shiftbase, it is possible to create an integration with BCS Delta that allows data to be exchanged without manual intervention.

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Adding the integration

Contract departments

Contract types


Cost centers

Wage/Hour components


Active app overview

Adding the integration

To add a BCS Delta integration in your Shiftbase account head towards Settings > App center > BCS online. Then click on the blue + Add BCS online integration.

⚠️ Warning: Do not send your password via the e-mail or chat. 

You can share the password with us over our Password Pusher.

Only add the password in the designated area at the integration.

Then you can log in with your Client ID, Username and Password. This data can be retrieved from your BCS Delta account. They are linked to the created API token within BCS Delta.

⚠️Warning: The following permissions at BCS Delta need to be active for the API integration to work:

  • Employment
  • People
  • Employers

⚠️Warning: The client ID is the same as your Account ID at BCS Delta. The password that's needed is the one which was used to create the API token. Not the password you see after creating the API token.

Once the Client id, Username and Password have been entered, the configuration screen appears.

Here you give the integration a name. Under Contract fields you can specify which contract fields you want to synchronise. Here you have the following options:

  • Function
  • Enddates
  • Contract hours
  • Wages

Under Employee fields you can specify which contract fields you want to synchronise. Here you have the following options:

  • Address
  • Birth date
  • Birth place
  • Employee nr
  • Phone numbers
  • SSN

By ticking the Automatically add new employees box, new staff from BCS Delta will also be added to Shiftbase during the nightly synchronisation.

Next is the field Notify import email address. The email address you enter here will receive email notifications when there are personal data or contract data changes from BCS Delta to Shiftbase.

The last field is Notify export email address. The email address you enter here will receive email notifications when the registered hours are exported from Shiftbase to BCS Delta. Finally click on Save.

Once you have done the aforementioned steps you will be redirected to the mapping page.

Contract departments

First you get to Contract departments. Here you can link the departments within BCS Delta to a department within Shiftbase. This can be done using a drop down menu. When you have linked the departments you click on Save at the bottom.

Contract types

Next you can go to the second tab Contract types. Here you link the contract types from BCS Delta and Shiftbase. First you have the External contract types. Here you link the contract types as known in BCS Delta with the contract types within Shiftbase.

👀 Example:

Hourly employee links to Flex hours.
Fixed hours links to Fixed hours.

Next you have the Internal contract types. Here you link the contract types as known in Shiftbase with the contract types within BCS Delta.

👀 Example:

Flex hours links to Hourly employee.
Fixed hours links to Fixed hours.

When you have linked the contract types, click on Save at the bottom.


Next, it is important to link all employees that need to be linked to your account from BCS Delta. We automatically try for every (active) employee to find a matching employee within your account.

If no match can be found, the employee is automatically set to add. The match is made based on e-mail address and/or SSN. You can find your BCS Delta employees in 4 categories:

  • Unmapped employees: the employees that are not yet linked and can be added.
  • Mapped employees: the employees that are already linked to an employee within your account.
  • Excluded employees: employees for whom it has been indicated/detected that they should not be imported, this can be done manually for a specific employee but also automatically using the settings for contract departments/contract types.
  • Inactive employees: All employees who are already out of employment, by default this group is hidden. You can show these employees with the black button on the right.

When the employees are linked, click on Save at the bottom.

Once everything has been processed, a synchronisation will take place every night. Here, linked employees are updated and new employees are added, if desired.

Cost centers

All departments in Shiftbase can be mapped to the corresponding cost center within BCS Delta. Worked hours can then correctly be forwarded to BCS Delta. Here you can choose if the worked hours of a specific department should be booked to a chosen cost center, Default for employee or Do not export.

Wage/Hour components

The last part of the mapping are the wage and hour components. Here you can select the components from BCS Delta (right) to the matching components of Shiftbase (left). 

Map only those hour codes which need to be forwarded to BCS Delta. Ensure that all components used in the timesheets are mapped to a BCS Delta component to ensure a correct and complete registration. 

Don't forget to click on Save in the bottom left.


The BCS Delta report contains all the salary information required for the employee's salary.

In the BCS Delta reporting filter, it is possible to choose to send worked hours for zero hour contracts or fixed hours. This allows you to handle different pay periods or forward one of the two.

  • Contract hours, for all employees with fixed contracts.

  • Worked hours, for all employees with zero-hour contracts.

  • Contract type, here you can select Fixed hours, Worked hours or Both
  • Run report, this will request the hours based on the given period(s).
  • Sent to BCS online, with this button you sent the requested report directly to BCS Delta.

Active app overview

If you want to make changes at a later date, you can do so by going to Settings > App center > BCS online.
In the active app overview you can see 4 symbols. These are as follows:

  • Gearwheel: This opens the configuration window.
  • Squared arrows: This leads to the mapping of the integration.
  • Recycle bin icon: This deactivates the integration.
  • Download icon: This triggers the synchronisation process that normally happens at night.

⚠️ Warning: With this integration, holiday hours to be paid out can be processed. Please note that the integration does not process leave balances to and from BCS Delta. It is desirable to process leave balances within Shiftbase.