Managing Absence restrictions

In this article you can find out how to add and edit restrictions for requesting absence.

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In Shiftbase it is possible to block a certain period of time for requesting absence. This is especially useful in very busy periods.


Absence restrictions overview

Adding an absence restrictions

Editing an absence restrictions

Absence restrictions overview

To find the absence restrictions go to Settings>Absence>scroll all the way down to Absence restrictions

Adding an absence restriction

If you want to add a new absence restriction, click the button + Absence restriction in the top right corner.

Editing an absence restriction

Changing an absence restriction is done by clicking on the Pencil icon behind an absence restriction. You then have the option to edit the following fields:

  • Name: The name of the absence restriction.

  • Period: The period during which no or limited absence may be requested.

  • Absentee option: The absence types that apply to this absence restriction can be selected here.

  • Departments: Select the department(s) to which this restriction applies here.

  • Allowed absentees: Maximum number of absent employees per day within the specified period.