Report: Timesheet closed

In this article you can find out what the Timesheet closed contains.

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The Timesheet closed report shows you which days on the timesheet are open or closed, per department.


  • Period - The period in which you want to retrieve the data.

  • Department - The department (or several departments) you want to filter on.

  • Status - The status of the timesheets. Here you have the following options: Both, Closed and Open.

  • Columns: The columns you want to see in the report. By default, these are all selected. Clicking on the checkbox in front of the column will uncheck them from the report and not be shown.


  • Date – The date per department in the timesheet.

  • Location – Name of the location.

  • Department – Name of the department.

  • Status – Status of the day in the timesheet