Mobile app: Push messages

Push notifications in the mobile app

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From the system, various push messages can be sent to the employees. Once the employee has installed the mobile app and given permission once, an employee can be notified via a push message. There are four different push notifications available.

Open shift

In the schedule tab you can schedule a shift as an open shift. When you invite employees for this shift you click on the pencil of the open shift in the schedule.

When you invite employee(s) for this open shift and check Send notification, the employee(s) will receive both an email and a push notification.

Exchange requests

Employees who make exchange requests will receive an e-mail as well as a push notification.

News items

When creating a news message in the News tab, the Send message to employees option can be used to send both an email and a push notification.

Send schedule

You can use the Send Schedule tab to notify an employee that there are changes. You can indicate which day is involved and which employee you want to notify. At the top right you will find + Add shift and on the right you will find a dropdown where you can find this.