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It is possible in Shiftbase to check a schedule for any violations of the Dutch Working Hours Act, this is called the Schedule compliance check. The Schedule compliance check is performed automatically on the schedule and checks three months in advance.

To be able to use the Schedule compliance check, you must activate it. You do this by ticking the Schedule compliance check in the Schedule settings.

Dutch Working Hours act for the schedule

When the Schedule compliance check is set, go to the Schedule tab. At the bottom of the screen in the status bar, a field called Violations is now visible. Here you can see by means of a counter how many violations of the Working Hours Act there are in the current schedule for all visible departments.

An exclamation mark in a scheduled shift indicates that there is a conflict or a violation of the Working Hours Act. By placing your mouse over such a shift with an exclamation mark, you can see whether it is a conflict or a violation.

When you add, change or delete a new shift, it is immediately checked against the Working Hours Act. You will see a loading bar at the top of the screen. Any violations will become visible within a few seconds.

⚠️ Note: The Schedule compliance check only works for the upcoming schedules and not for the past.

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