Payroll report

Update Payroll report

The Payroll report has been adjusted. In the last few months we have added a couple of new features that can influence the payroll of your employees.

The following has been added to the payroll report:

  • Custom fields (Timesheet): The option to add fields that contain either costs or fees. For example parking costs.
  • Time off balances: It is possible to add more time off balances, for example regular leave and holidays in excess of the statutory entitlement.

There has also been an important change for the surcharge columns concerning the employees with fixed hour contracts.

As of now it is possible to add surcharge percentages below the 100% for fixed hour contracts. Therefore an important change has been added in the way the surcharge percentages are displayed.

Pay attention!

The applied surcharge percentages are now directly displayed within the column name.

By doing so the name of the column is displayed in the same way as the flexible hour contract columns.


Fixed hour contracts

The column name surcharge 50% is renamed Worked 150,00% (Contract hours).

Flexible hour contracts

The column name Hourly employee 150% is renamed Worked 150,00% (Hourly employee).

Please note that the values have remained the same, just the column name has changed.

If you wish to see what all the columns in the payroll report contain please click on the link below.

Payroll report

Lightspeed Restaurant integration

Update of OAuth tokens

Lightspeed is in the process of deprecating the outdated authentication method for the Restaurant Lightspeed integration. The old authentication method will become unusable on November 1, 2020. All Lightspeed Restaurant integration users must re-authorize the integration and update it to OAuth2.

Step 1. The old integration must be deactivated via the trash can icon behind the integration, click here.

Step 2. The new integration can easily be set up via the green button, Add Lightspeed Restaurant V2 integration, click here.

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