From now on it is possible to block a certain period of time for absence requests.

You can find this new function by going to Settings > Absence > Absence policy.

In the top right you will find the possibility to add a new policy through + Absence Policy .

Name: employee's name.

Period: the period in which non or limited absence can be requested.
Absentee option: this is where you can select which absence will follow the given policy. Please pay attention to the following: this policy only works for the selected absence option!

Departments: select the department(s) for which this policy applies.

Allowed absentees: maximum amount of absentees for the given period.


When employees request an absence within the absence policy period, the following situations can occur:

  • An employee requests an absence and can sent it because there is not an approved absence in that period for another employee.
  • An employee requests an absence and receives the following notification (see image below). This notification means that there cannot be any absence requests for this period.

Approve requests

If you set an absence policy for a certain period with a maximum amount of allowed absentees of e.g. 1. This means that only 1 employee can be granted an absence request in this period.
Multiple requests can be submitted until one has been approved. After this, requests cannot be sent in for that time period.

The administrator can eventually decide to approve more than 1 absence request, but will always get the following notification:

If you want more information about absences, you can find that here.

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