How can I find a missing (old) employee?

When you cannot find an employee it is possible that he/she is listed under Old Employees. You can retrieve this employee by following these steps:
Go to Employees > View (top right) > here you can tick the Old Employee box.
If you want to reinstate the employee you can click on Activate user.

How can I add absences?

An employee can be absent for multiple reasons. There are a few ways to add an absence.

  • The employee can add his/her absence through the mobile app > Absence
  • You can do it via de desktop version and go to Schedule > click the white arrow in top right where it says + Add shift > select Absence.
  • Another way to this is when you go to Employees > select an employee > go to Absence and you add a new absence using + Add absence.

For more information about absence click on the link below.


Where can I add availability?

When an employee isn't available on certain days this can be indicated in the schedule through Availability. The availability can be added via the desktop version and/or the mobile app by either employees and/or supervisors.

When you are adding an availability on the desktop version you have to go to Employees > select an employee > go to Schedule. At the end of every calendar line you will find a green check mark. Through this check mark you can indicate the availability.

When you want to do this in the mobile app you can do that by going to the main menu and click on Availability.

For more information about availability click on the link below.


How can I change or receive a reset for my password?

If or when you forget your password you can request to create a new one. You can to this by going to Below the login box you will find the Forgot password? link. When you click on the link, a new screen will open in which you can fill out your account email address. A password reset will be sent to this email.

If you want to change your password you can do that in the following way. Click on your name > My Account > go to My Login (top left). Here you can change your password by entering your New password 2 times and then you confirm your new password by entering your old password.

How can I add worked hours?

You can add worked hours in a few ways. You can do this by:

  • Taking the hours from the schedule.
  • By using the clocking system.
  • Letting employees add their own hours.

For more information about the timesheets click on the link below.

Adding hours:

All the options listed above are customizable with the Permissions and Settings.

The following articles will provide more information on these subjects.

Timesheet Settings:


What are the possibilities with the mobile app?

There are a few differences between employee usage and managerial usage of the app.

As a manager you can add and approve abscences, add, edit and approve worked hours and you can see the schedules of all the employees.

Employees will have fewer options in the app, it depends on which permissions you allow the employees to have.

The Permissions are customizable by using the Settings.

Click on the links below for more information.

Mobile app:


How can I add Public holidays?

The national holidays can be added with the following steps. Go to Settings > Employees > Public holidays > click on + Import Holidays (top right). A Public holiday setting will pop up and you can select a country and the year. By clicking the Import button, the Public holidays will appear in the schedule.

If you want the Public holidays to be added as an absence, you can best use Bulk actions. To do this you have to go to Employees > select the employees > click on Bulk actions > Add absence. This is where you can add an absence for multiple employees at once.

For more information about adding public holidays click on the link below.

Publish holidays:

Why is my schedule not visible in the timesheet?

When you add a shift in the past this shift will not automatically appear as registered hours in the timesheet. The worked hours have to be added to the timesheet separately.
Useful tip: Scheduling is for the future, the timesheet is for the past.

How do invite employees?

When your employees will start using Shiftbase for the first time, you can choose to invite them separately or through a Bulk action.

If you want to do this per employee head towards the Employees tab. At the end of every line you will find the option Invite user.

If you want to invite multiple employees at once you will have to click on the Employees tab > select the employees > click on Bulk actions > and click on Send new login credentials.

How can I login?

If you, as an employee, are new at Shiftbase you will receive an email with login credentials. With these login credentials you can create a password.

You can login using the following link:

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