It is possible to add custom fields to the schedule and the timesheets. This means you can add even more information.

In this article I will explain how this functionality works.

Custom fields for Timesheets

In the settings at Timesheet you will find Custom fields. Here you can add custom fields by clicking on the green + Custom field button. This will allow you to add specific extra information for your employees.

For example, you could add clothing size for your employees, which could be very useful information if they use work clothing.

The following information needs to be added when creating a new custom field:

  • Name: The name of the custom field.
  • Type: The type of value that you can add.
  • Description: A description that you can add for the custom field.
  • Applies to: Here you can check the boxes where the custom field needs to be present.
    Shifts, this means when adding/adjusting a standard shift.
    Schedules, this means if it is visible/adjustable in the schedule.
    Timesheets, this means if it is visible/adjustable in the timesheets.
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