In the night of June 10 to 11 we have migrated our hosting environment from Amazon servers to Google servers.

Last Sunday night the proceedings started at 02:00 am and ended about 05:00 am. We notified the companies who could possibly be hindered by this process to secure a smooth as possible transition.

The past 7 years we accomodated our software at Amazon (EC2).
Amazon has always been a reliable partner, but these days hosting is a lot more then just placing code on a server.

These days, with tools like Kubernetes, the Continues Integration process can be better arranged.
On top of that a Docker image can be made that can be placed in it’s entirely on the server.
Some of the advantages are:
– Safety will be increased because there can’t be logged in at the servers.
– Simpler deploy process for pushing updates.
– It’s the same software that is used for development, because they’re the same Docker instances.
– Docker instances are smaller which means better use of the available server capacity.
– The software speed is considerably faster.

Amazon also offers this service, but because Kubernetes is developed by Google, the Google servers are better suited to the latest version of Kubernetes.

Last night we first transitioned the traditional hosting to the traditional environment at Google.
In this way we keep the change at a minimum. With this migration the database and the application servers have been transitioned.

Soon the application servers will be converted to Kubernetes. There will be no downtime while this is happening.

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