Requesting an absence on the website

Requesting absence in the mobile app

There are two ways to request an absence.

Requesting an absence on the website

On the website an absence can be requested by going to the Schedule tab and clicking on + Add Shift > Absence, or by going to Dashboard > My absence > Add absence. Read on...

Note! It may be that this button isn't shown. If this is the case, you have insufficient permissions to request an absence.

Next an absence can be requested.

Which absence types you may or may not request is set within the permissions.

Note! Not all fields may be shown, this is due to the permission settings.

Requesting absence in the mobile app

Within the mobile App. go to the My absence tab.
Here you will see an overview of your vacation hours, requested absence and leave taken. By clicking "+" in the upper right corner you can request an absentee.


The following screen will be displayed, Request leave to add an absence type, start- end date and add a note if needed, next click on Save.

When the request has been sent, you will see a three-point icon in the absence request. The request is awaiting approval. You will be notified by e-mail when the request has been processed.



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