If you are using the POS system Lightspeed L Series, you can choose to set up a link between your Lightspeed L Series account and your account with us.

This integration does two things.

  • Import the turnover on a daily basis. The turnover is imported from Lightspeed into your account, you can indicate whether this turnover should include or excluding VAT.

  • Imports reservations from within your Lightspeed account every hour. The reservations are listed in the schedule.

Adding the Lightspeed integration
To setup your Lightspeed account you need to do the following.

  • First head towards the settings (gearwheel in the top right)

  • Next click on App center in the top left

  • Click on Lightspeed L Series V2

  • Next click on the green button +Add Lightspeed L Series V2 integration

  • Next you will be redirected to the Lightspeed login page. Here you enter your Lightspeed credentials.

  • Then you will be redirected back to Shiftbase to the configuration screen of the Lightspeed L Series integration. Here you can enter a name for the integration and an email address for notifications. Here you can also decide if you wish to add VAT to the import of the turnover.

Lightspeed L Series settings
To complete the Lightspeed integration just follow these steps.

  • Click the Edit mapping option on the right.

  • On the mapping page, you can map each department. You can also refer multiple departments to the same department if desired.

  • Once you've set everything, click Save. The setup is now complete.

Import reservations
Reservations can now be imported, all bookings for the current day and next 14 days are imported from your Lightspeed account. These reservations are then displayed within the schedule*. The number of reservations is listed in the title, reservations are shown per department per day. When you open a calendar event or hoover over the event, the number guests will be shown and when the reservations has been updated.


Import turnover
The second feature that the Lightspeed L Series integration involves is importing the daily turnover from your Lightspeed account. As mentioned above, turnover can be imported with or without VAT. Do not forget to indicate what kind of import you want use in the integration settings.

The turnover is imported once a day, which will be done at night. Due to the revenue adjustments, we will import the turnover of the last two days. Changes made within the first 24 hours will be processed in the revenue, alterations after 24 hours within revenue will not be updated.

The imported sales figures are then returned to the Diary of the relevant day at the turnover field, divided by department.

* The agenda reservation events are automatically created and updated. If you manually edit these events, you can lose, alter or add unnecessary agenda events.


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