Each employee has a contract and a contract type.
These types can be set under: Settings > Employees > Contract types.

Within a contract type, the following values can be set:

Name: Here you can choose the name of the contract.

Calculate plus min hours: Keep track of plus and min hours by using the check mark.

Holiday calculation: Here you can indicate how to build the holiday hours.

  • Contract hours
  • Worked hours
  • No calculations

If no vacation calculations are done,  vacation hours can manually be added for an employee, through a correction.

Salary payout

  • Worked hours
  • Contract hours

Absence Calculation: The preferred field that is pre-filled for an absence application.

  • Scheduled hours
  • Contract hours

Wait hours from: Where the wait hours should be subtracted from in case of illness.

  • Salary
  • Vacation hours

Ratecard: The rate card that applies to the contract type. The Standard rate card is by default at 100%.


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