Update: 15 January 2020

As you might have noticed in the last month there have been quite some changes on the side of Nmbrs.

One of these changes was that Contract types were no longer available in Nmbrs and that all existing contracts of employees have been stripped of their Contract type. This change resulted on our end that the integration no longer functioned as desired.

Today we roll out an update for our integration to fully restore the contract synchronisation, therefore it is no longer necessary to add new employees to Shiftbase first in order to link them with Nmbrs.

Because Nmbrs no longer supports various contract types we made the following solution.

  • Hourly employee: All employees with a 0 hour contract.
  • Fixed hours: All employees with at least a 1 hour contract.

Action required!

Therefore we ask you for a one-off setup for the contract types in the integration between Nmbrs and Shiftbase.

To do so in your Shiftbase account, head towards Settings > App center > Nmbrs. Behind every integration you click on the second icon Edit mapping. Here go towards the sub-tab Contract types and link them one more time and click on the save button.

Have you, in the last period, stopped the synchronisation for the Contract types and End date on our advise? Then these can be turned back on by clicking on the first icon Edit configuration.

Setting up the Nmbrs integration

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