The schedule report shows how many days, shifts and hours are scheduled per employee.


The filters you can set in this report.

  • Period - The period in which you want to request the data.
  • Team - The team (or several teams) you want to filter on.
  • Shift - The shift (or several shifts) you want to filter on.
  • Employee - Here you can select one employee specifically to filter on.
  • Columns - Here you can select the columns you want to see in your report. By default, these are all selected, by clicking on the filter you will see two columns Excluded and Selected. What is in the left-hand column (Excluded) will not be included in your report. What is in the right-hand column (Selected) will be included in your report.


User ID – User id given by the system.

Employee nr – Employee’s number.

Name – Name of employee. If the employee's name appears several times, then the employee has also scheduled hours for other departments.

Days – The unique number of days that have scheduled hours on them.

Shifts – Number of shifts in the schedule.

Hours – The total of scheduled hours expected in the roster.

Wage– Wage costs for the employee based on his scheduled hours.

Coc – An estimate of the cost for the company based on the employee's scheduled hours. Standard factor 1,350 can be specified under: Settings > Cost of company.

Surcharge hours (paid) - The surcharge hours to be paid

Total incl. surcharge - The scheduled hours including the surcharge hours.

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