The timesheet report shows contract hours, worked hours and specified hours per employee.

User id – Assigned system ID for the employee.

Employee nr – Employee No.

Name – Employee Name.

Contract hours p/w – The number of fixed contract hours of the employee per week.

Days – The number of uniquely worked days.

Shifts – The number of shifts worked.

Worked – The worked hours in the timesheet.

Surcharge hours (paid) – The number of surcharge hours paid in the timesheet.

Total incl. surcharge – The worked hours and surcharged hours combined.

Wage –The employee’s wage costs. Salary including all surcharges.

Meals – The occasionally listed meals.

Kilometers – The occasionally listed kilometers.

Coc – Cost of company during this period, an estimate of the costs for the employee the company has during this period.

Surcharge “%” – All hours made under a surcharge, surgarge settings can be found under, Settings > Rate cards.

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