The timesheet report shows contract hours, worked hours and specified hours per employee.


  • Period - The start and end date in which you want to request the data.
  • Team - The team (or several teams) you want to filter on.
  • Shift - The shift (or several shifts) you want to filter on.
  • Employee - Here you can specifically select one employee to filter on.
  • Contract departments - The contract department (or departments) you want to filter on. (Please note! This is not the same as Team, employees can appear in multiple teams in different departments. However, employees always have only one contract department).
  • Contract type - The contract type you want to filter on (by default these are the options fixed hours or zero hours).
  • Columns - Here you can select the columns you want to see in your report. By default, these are all selected, by clicking on the filter you will see two columns Excluded and Selected. What is in the left-hand column (Excluded) will not be included in your report. What is in the right-hand column (Selected) will be included in your report.


User id – Assigned system ID for the employee.

Employee nr – Employee No.

Name – Employee Name.

Contract hours p/w – The number of fixed contract hours of the employee per week.

Days – The number of uniquely worked days.

Shifts – The number of shifts worked.

Worked – The worked hours in the timesheet.

Surcharge hours (paid) – The number of surcharge hours paid in the timesheet.

Total incl. surcharge – The worked hours and surcharged hours combined.

Wage –The employee’s wage costs. Salary including all surcharges.

Meals – The occasionally listed meals.

Kilometers – The occasionally listed kilometers.

Coc – Cost of company during this period, an estimate of the costs for the employee the company has during this period.

Surcharge “%” – All hours made under a surcharge, surgarge settings can be found under, Settings > Rate cards.

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